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[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Survivor: One World. Read at your own risk.]

Survivor: One World began as a battle of the sexes, and at least initially, it seemed as though the women didn't stand a chance. But then the tribes merged, the women maintained their allegiance to one another and ultimately picked off the men one at a time.

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Going into Sunday's finale, and for the first time in Survivor history, it was an all-woman final five consisting of Alicia, Christina, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina. By positioning herself in multiple alliances, and proving to be a fierce competitor in immunity challenges, Kim Spradlin was the obvious front-runner to take the Survivor crown from the start. So it didn't exactly come as a surprise when the jury decided, in a 7-2-0 vote, to award Kim the $1 million prize and title of sole Survivor.During the show's live finale, the San Antonio-based bridal shop owner said she was "almost certain" she hadn't won.Do you think Kim was the most deserving winner?