Heading into Survivor: Vanuatu, Chad Crittenden already knew he had one disability: The 35-year-old teacher from Oakland, Calif., had a portion of his leg removed and wears a prosthesis. Despite that, this cute, athletic husband and father faced all the physical challenges, proving himself stronger than some of his fellow castaways. However, when the tribes merged into Alinta, Chad clearly had another disadvantage — he was male. Alinta's seemingly unbreakable female alliance cut Chad this week, leaving Chris as the lone male tribe member. Here, Chad tells TV Guide Online all about Chris' desperate attempts to stick around, that nasty kava juice, and also answers an important question: Just how annoying is Eliza?

TV Guide Online: Did you go on Survivor hoping to become a role model for people with disabilities?
Chad Crittenden:
There were a variety of reasons that had equal weight in my decision to do it. One part of it was the prize money, I wanted to win the $1 million. Secondly, it was hard to find information about active people with amputations and prostheses. If I went and did this, then people would be able to see immediately. It would help dispel preconceived notions about amputees. Also, [I did it] for the adventure.

TVGO: What kind of feedback have you gotten?
A teacher in my district gave my name to this kid who's a fan of the show and has a prosthetic foot that he got a few years ago. He's trying to get used to it, and we've been writing back and forth. I'll never forget that his teacher [told me] he said, "I'm not going to be able to find a wife." I thought, "Oh my god!" He's a second grader. Isn't that horrible that that innocent little mind is thinking, "I'm going to be too ugly to get married"?

TVGO: You have a wife. Did you set him straight?
Yeah, I told him I've been very successful with the ladies. It's a great conversation piece. (Laughs)

TVGO: Speaking of ladies, how was life in Vanuatu's female-dominated atmosphere?
I thought going in it was going to be one of my advantages. I grew up most of my life with just my mom and my sister, I work with almost exclusively women and I get along really well with women. But Ami had gotten the women against men because she's not a big fan of the man. So she undermined our efforts to break up their alliance.

TVGO: Chris lied to the gals that Sarge asked to be off. Twisted, right?
That was totally underhanded and I'm going to get him for that. We're pretty good buddies, but I can't believe that he did that!

TVGO: Why didn't you ever try to ally yourself with female outcast Eliza?
She talks too much. Did you notice that, in the whole game, nobody has ever made an alliance with Eliza? As soon as you tell her something, she tells everybody. Anything on her brain just comes out in verbal form.

TVGO: The kava juice you drank knocked you for a loop. What was it like?
Did you ever have Kaopectate when you were a kid? That was really bad. I would say kava was three times as bad as that. It is nasty. I swear to you, I am getting nauseous thinking about it. Because I had to chug what is probably about two measured cups of this liquid. If you had to take a sip, OK, but to have to glug this whole thing down in one sitting was bad.