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Survivor: Sunday Was "Completely Shocked" by Hannah's Betrayal

Plus: What we didn't see ahead of the vote

Liz Raftery

If you find yourself baffled by the fact that David lived to see another Tribal Council on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, you're not alone. Sunday Burquest, who was the latest victim of another bullet-dodge from David on Wednesday night's double-elimination episode, can only laugh when she's asked why the tribe has neglected to eliminate the person who pretty much everyone agrees is the biggest threat in the game.

TVGuide.com chatted with Sunday about whether she resents Hannah for masterminding her ouster, why she was "completely shocked" that the vote went the way it did, and what she would have said to the jury to earn votes to be the Sole Survivor.

How shocked were you by the vote in last night's episode?
I was completely shocked. I had spent a significant amount of time talking to Adam and Hannah that day about where the votes were gonna go. Adam had been promising me that he would vote for David. ... We had talked a lot during that day, even Hannah and I, about how the votes were going to go. And when I left that conversation, I was confident that's what was going to happen. And then I guess, minutes before we left for Tribal, Hannah started pushing for my name, and they didn't want to put up a stink arguing with her, so that's the way it went. But yeah, I was not expecting it, especially after talking to those two so much of the day.

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We keep hearing what a big threat David is, and yet he's still in the game. Hannah was trying to make a big move going into the final days, but objectively, do you think she made a good decision to take you out ahead of him?
I think it was a mistake. Obviously it sounds like I would say that because I went home. But really, if you look at it, there's all these threats left in the game. Why waste a vote on me, when we had numbers and could have taken David out? It could have gone Dave's way. It just didn't make any sense to me, and to the jurors or whoever's watching, I don't think it makes sense. What [Hannah] wanted was credit for a big move. In my mind, that's not a big move. A big move is taking out a power player or a big threat. So, that's what she was going for, I don't think that she achieved it by getting them to vote for me.

Do you have any hard feelings towards Hannah about that?
I don't hold any grudge towards her at all. I know she was playing hard. In her mind, she thought she was doing something that would better her game. I was annoyed with her. I was actually more annoyed with her during the day when we were having conversations, because she was getting kind of condescending and she was thinking that she was running things. She even told me basically, "You're a goat," and these kinds of things. So, I was more annoyed with her at camp than I was with the vote. We're totally fine, and I feel like I can separate. It's a game. She got me.

Sunday Burquest, Jeff Probst, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
Screen Grab, CBS

Is that what prompted you to say at Tribal that you think you could win at the end? What case would you have made for yourself with the jury, especially if you were up against someone like David, who's made all these big moves?
Yes. In that conversation, it would definitely depend on who I'm sitting there with. But my thing would have been, "Hey, I've made personal relationships with each and every one of you. I moved when I needed to move. I switched alliances for voting when I needed to. I never got stuck in one place where I was like, 'I will only vote with these people.'" I had a hand in the vote, even though you didn't necessarily see all of that on TV. My most vocal one was getting David to waste his idol on Ken. And I felt like I built the relationships. I went where I needed to go. I was flexible and adaptable, and I think the fact that I was likeable really worked in my favor. Depending on, again, who I'm sitting next to. David? No. I'm not gonna win against David. But ... even though people look at big moves, when you're on the jury, I feel like you do vote partially with your emotion. And I built good relationships with people, and I felt like I was liked out there. And I played to my strengths. I played to the strengths that I came in here with. And it's not the same as David. I'm not a Zeke, I'm not a David. But I did play to the best of my ability with what I came in with, which was my social game.

Immediately after the vote, you said you have no regrets about how you played the game. Now that you've had some time to reflect, is that still true?
There's definitely things I wish I would have done differently. I think regret is a strong word, because I did the best I could at the time with the information I had. If I were to change anything, I would have made more effort to mend fences with Jess, because that ended up later being an issue. And I would have probably not gone along with the Paul vote and tried to make something different happen at that point. I would say those were the two biggest mistakes that I can see. I made others, I'm sure, but looking at it right now, that's what I would say.

In the episode where you drew rocks, what prompted you to tell Hannah and Adam that you guys were voting for Ken? And how shocked were you that they believed you?
[Laughs] I know. Well, OK. So what happened is I overheard David say to Adam to switch the vote to me. And Adam told Hannah. So I look back at David. I'm like, "Did you just say vote for me?" And he's like, "No." And I go, "Yeah, you did. I heard you." And he goes, "OK. Yeah, I did." I was like, "David, that's dumb." And so, then they had to switch it because I heard them and that would have been dumb. So, Hannah is looking at me, saying, "What's the plan?" Because, we came from Ikabula with a good relationship and trusting each other. I knew that we were not voting together that night. So when she's looking in my eyes and saying "What's the plan?" and I know it's going her way, I'm like, "Do you think I'm that dumb? You think I'm that dumb that I'm going to tell you?" And that ticked me off. So I just looked down the line and I was like, who's not getting votes? Oh, Ken's not getting a single vote. So I'm like, "Ken." Because then, if they fell for it - and they did - you know, the idol gets wasted and Zeke is still there. So, yeah.

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Was there anything that we didn't see that you'd like viewers to know?
A lot of the strategy that I did have, and even Bret, wasn't shown. The morning after the Will vote, Bret and I were watching the sun come up, and we always would do a head count, like who's missing? Adam's gone. OK, that means Adam's looking for an idol. So we'd go and ... catch him looking for an idol. And I'm like, "We have got to get Will out. He just picked all of us off." Well, it was never shown that I was in on that decision and helping. In the end, it didn't matter because we both went home. But, there was strategy going on and I wish people would have seen that I had had a plan with Adam and Hannah for my vote. It's not like I did nothing all day and got there and was like, oh my gosh, what happened? I thought I had a plan going in.

I know you can't say too much about the finale, but is the decision to keep David around going to come back to bite some people?
It's been biting people since the merge. And we knew it! It's not like this is shocking information. We talked about it regularly. "David is a threat. When are we gonna get him out?" We had to do it at the right time. We had to have the right numbers. I was working with Adam. Adam promised that he'd vote out David. ... So, we knew, and somehow he just kept staying in the game.

I think even he's surprised that he's still in the game at this point.
I think he is too. [Laughs] I think he is too. We were not in an alliance, but we had a great working relationship.

The Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X three-hour finale/reunion special airs Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 8/7c on CBS.

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