Sierra Reed Sierra Reed

Survivor's Sierra Reed lasted one Tribal Council longer than anyone expected after her failed attempt to blindside Benjamin "Coach" Wade, but on Thursday's episode she came to her inevitable end. She talked to us about waiting out the game with her No. 1 critic, Tyson Apostol, once they were both voted off, and her dynamic with Coach. The 23-year-old model and jewelry designer now hopes to host a travel show — and will take some cues from Survivor host Jeff Probst: "Look out, Jeff!" she jokes. "Or help me out." So once you and Tyson were voted out, you had to spend a lot of time together, waiting for the game to end.
Sierra: The moment that Tyson and I saw each other and the game was put behind us, we automatically built a friendship, which was really crazy, outside of the game. And I still think that Tyson in the game is not a great person and Tyson doesn't have a lot of patience because he's a know-it-all, for sure... to girls especially. He doesn't think girls really know what they're talking about. So I think that his frustration or angle on me wasn't exactly just on Sierra, it was on females in general and young girls who obviously beat him. He definitely got his ego bruised. He said horrible things about you when we talked to him last week.  
Sierra: He thinks it's funny to poke at people. Half of it's joking and teasing. That's really like his shtick. He really likes the tongue-in-cheek, kind of like a--hole funny guy [routine]. And it is funny, but it's not funny when you're out there and you're standing there and you're crying and you're pleading for your life and someone kicks you in the face. But how can I be bitter [after the] night when I was safe and he went home and every single bad thing he said in that episode, he looked like such a dirt bag? Did you befriend Coach once everything was over, given your falling out after you tried to send him home?
Sierra: Coach took more time for me. I was really hurt because at the beginning I had a form of a friendship with Coach. So it was a little bit harder for me, especially after watching [the latest episode] because I knew he lied, but I didn't know how crazy the extent of the lie was. It hurt more. I could expect it more from Tyson.

Coach is crazy. He is. He's totally off the reservation, for sure. ... [B]ut there are parts about that person that are good. That's why I came to him and cried to him, because I knew maybe I had a chance. You can only pull on heartstrings when there's a heart there to be exposed, and he does have a heart to a certain extent.

What you don't see on TV is that at the end of the night, you have no idea what we're going through out there besides voting each other out, and besides challenges, and besides starving to death. We would go a couple days with it pouring rain on us to the point where we thought we were going to get hypothermia and die. We had to like hug and lock together. We needed each other so much. In this sick kind of way, we all have this amazing connection and we're like this family, very dysfunctional, but we're still connected in this crazy way and I think everyone would agree with that. And Tyson has already apologized to me.

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