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Who Won Survivor: Worlds Apart?

Plus: Who joins the cast for Survivor: Second Chance?

Shelli Weinstein

After weeks of blood, sweat and tears, one castaway on Survivor: Worlds Apart claimed victory. The 30th season of the competition featured three tribes of six players divided by social class: white collar, blue collar and no collar, and it all came down to Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Sierra Thomas and Will Sims II.

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After the first challenge of the two-hour finale, Mike won the coveted family reunion. His mom joined the group at camp and later helped Mike secure an advantage in the maze challenge, landing him immunity for the next challenge. After voting out Sierra, the final four took to the last immunity challenge, where Mike once again broke apart from the pack and won the last immunity necklace.

The final vote came down to a nearly hour-long fire challenge between Carolyn and Rodney, resulting in Carolyn, Will and Mike making it to the final three.

One member of each original tribe remaining, each pled their case, but in the end, Mike was named the winner of the $1 million!

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The 38-year-old blue collar oil driller launched into his mom's arms the instant his name was called.

For Survivor's upcoming 31st season fans voted on their favorite non-winning contestants from previous seasons to come back and compete.

The Second Chance cast includes: Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart), Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water), Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan), Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur), Terry Deitz (Panama), Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water), Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins), Tasha Fox (Cagayan), Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines), Woo Hwang (Cagayan), Kimmi Kappenberg (The Australian Outback), Peih-Gee Law (China), Kass McQuillen (Cagayan), Keith Nale (San Juan del Sur), Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart), Monica Padilla (Samoa), Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands), Jeff Varner (The Australian Outback), Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur) and Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo).

Did the right person win Survivor: Worlds Apart? Did your faves get a Second Chance?

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