Survivor Survivor

It's a family affair this fall as Survivor storms the beaches of Nicaragua for Survivor: San Juan del Sur. The 29th season of the CBS reality franchise (premiering Wednesday, Sept. 24, 8/7c) resurrects last year's fan-favorite Blood vs. Water twist, this time pitting 18 brand new contestants against each other and their family members. But fans of reality television will recognize two faces: twin sisters Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, who have already appeared on two cycles of The Amazing Race.

Other castaways include former Major League Baseball pitcher John Rocker, who made headlines in 1999 after expressing controversial opinions about minorities and homosexuals. Rocker will be joined on the island by his girlfriend Julie McGee, a model and owner of a spray tan business.

This season will also feature the return of Exile Island, last seen in 2009's Tocantins edition. Each week, a pair of loved ones will face off in a Hero Challenge. The loser will be banished to Exile Island while the winner will receive a reward for their tribe, but also have to choose a tribemate to join their loved one in exile.

For a complete rundown of this season's castaways, view our photo gallery here.

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