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Spoiler Alert: The following reveals the winner of Sunday night's Survivor: Samoa finale.

And then there were five.

After 39 days and 20 contestants, Survivor: Samoa came down to the final five competitors. After Shannon "Shambo" Water's elimination Thursday night, it was four against one as the lone remaining member of the Galu tribe, Brett Clouser, battled the Foa Foa four of Jaison Robinson, Mick Trimmings, Natalie White and ringleader Russell Hantz.

Going into the first immunity challenge of the night, Foa Foa's clear hope was to send Brett packing as soon as possible. Once again, however, Brett won immunity (his third win in a row) after the puzzle challenge and guaranteed himself a spot in at the final four. After he decided against voting out Natalie, Russell approached both Jaison and Mick and promised to vote the other out. At tribal council, it was Jaison whose torch was put out. Mick justified his vote to oust Jaison, saying he felt the 28-year-old law student "checked out a long time ago."

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With one immunity challenge left, Russell was determined to win the immunity challenge and prevent Brett from saving himself. Russell found three hidden immunity idols throughout the season but never won an immunity challenge. With his odds slim to none, Russell beat Brett in arguably one of the most suspenseful immunity challenges of the season. Jeff Probst called the showdown the $1 million immunity challenge.

Russell talked with Brett before going to tribal council, commending him for making it so far and telling Brett he's the kind of guy he wants his daughter to marry. However, Brett's charm and physical prowess still weren't enough and he was sent packing. The 23-year-old T-shirt designer was the last Galu member standing and if he had made it through to the end, would have proved a hard act to beat with the jury, made up mostly of former Galu players.

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Finally, it got down to Russell, Mick and Natalie to make their respective cases to the jury. In their opening statements, Mick argued he was the moral one, Natalie said she was the underdog who knew what she needed to do to the make it to the end. Finally, Russell told the jury he should win because he played the best game.

Each of the jury members were tough on the final three in their own way. Jaison told the jury no one truly needed the money. Shambo — in a surprisingly aggressive move — said Mick was immoral the whole time and Natalie simply rode Russell's coattails. One of the most interesting questions came from Kelly Sharbaugh, who asked Russell what he's like in real life compared to how he acted on the show. Russell said he lied and cheated on the show but in real life, he values honesty and integrity. Finally, Erik Cardona ended the jury's questioning with a bang, calling out Russell's arrogance, Mick's "delusional entitlement," and stated he believes Natalie played the best game.

So who won the jury over in the end? Natalie.

The 26-year-old pharmaceutical saleswoman from Arkansas beat out Russell, the 36-year-old Texan oil company owner, who came in second. Mick, the 33-year-old doctor from Idaho, finished third.

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