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After two weeks on top, last night the Villains tribe on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains brought the heat everywhere but during the immunity challenge. Thanks to blossoming showmances (Coach and Jerri! Russell and Parvati!) and the drama of having to vote someone out for the first time, the Survivor bad guys finally started to show their true colors and true alliances.  The vote came down to the manipulative Parvati Shallow and the tribe's weakest link, Randy Bailey, and in the end, 50-year-old Bailey got the boot. The former Survivor: Gabon player talked with TVGuide.com about his flirtatious tribemates, what the Heroes need to do to get ahead and the story behind the burning of the buff.

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TVGuide.com: Why did you throw your Survivor buff into the fire after getting voted out?
Randy Bailey: It was definitely symbolic, just saying the hell with this tribe, I'm done. What you don't know is if you see the clip of us going to tribal council, I'm walking on the beach and I'm not wearing a buff. I forgot it. It was hanging on my tree. We got there and the producers got mad at me for not wearing my buff so they found another one and lectured me on how valuable it was and [to] take care of this one. I just thought it was a stupid lecture because they knew I was going home in 10 minutes and I knew it, so I decided to burn it. It seemed like right thing to do at the time.

TVGuide.com: Why do you think you never felt like part of the tribe?
Randy: The tribe never felt like a tribe. The tribe was divided. Last night's episode showed Jerri just as frustrated with the young girls as I was, so it just wasn't me.

TVGuide.com: During the tribal council, a lot of good points were brought up about why Parvati should have been the one to go. Why do you think she wasn't voted out?
Randy: I don't really know the answer to that for sure. The Heroes had already lost two women, Sugar and Stephenie, which would give us the luxury of sitting out whatever women we wanted to in an upcoming challenge. We wouldn't have that luxury with the men and I would have to go up against a younger and stronger Hero, so I can see that.

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TVGuide.com: Speaking of Parvati, there seemed to be a lot of flirting going on the Villains tribe. Was is that obvious who was aligned with who?
Randy: It was very obvious. The Coach-Jerri thing is ... I don't think there's as much there as the TV is showing. They were friends and did some harmless flirting, but it wasn't really a showmance in my opinion.

TVGuide.com: Also, why did you decide specifically to vote for Boston Rob last night?
Randy: I knew my vote was meaningless, so I voted for Rob because I felt that he was responsible for us not voting Parvati out. Rob came up to me on Day 1 and said. "Let's work together." I had watched the show and knew he couldn't be trusted, but of course, I said, "Let's do it." It's frustrating working with Boston Rob. He has to run the show with everything he does. He's got to be the one putting the puzzle together. He's got to be the one lighting the torch at the end of the challenge. It gets frustrating. He's claimed to have played Survivor three times, and all three times he's been on the buffoon tribe. I've seen all three of those seasons and the only common denominator of those three tribes is him and I think that speaks volumes.

TVGuide.com: What did you think when you watched the episode last night and saw that Russell had hidden the machete?
Randy: I didn't know that it was Russell that hid the machete until I saw episode 1 of Survivor 19 [Samoa], when he burned the socks and poured out the water. The machete going missing had nothing to do with me being voted out. It was annoying with Danielle and Sandra, for my last three hours, trying to get me to confess where I hid the machete. Now that Randy, the guy that hid the machete, is gone, what are they going to do when they get back to camp? They can't vote me out again ... That's not Survivor strategy; that is just getting airtime on TV. I don't agree with it, but there's nothing I can do about it.

TVGuide.com: Why do you think the Heroes tribe did so well last night after losing the two previous challenges to your team?
Randy: Any challenge that involves any thinking or strategy, we're going to win. The challenge last night was just go out there and fight. It's just a show of force. ... If you notice, in the challenges in the first two episodes, the Heroes had a huge lead during the physical part of the races. I see it continuing. It's not so much that the Heroes are stupid; it's their egos that are getting in the way.

TVGuide.com: You knew you were on the chopping block early on because of your age. Was there ever a hesitation for you to return because you were older than most of the other contestants?
Randy: No, not because of my age. When they call you and ask you to do it again, there's always a risk that you're going to be early out. That's a risk that most of us are willing to take because there's also a chance you can go far. No, I did not think that me being 50 was going to be a problem at all, but it was.