Jeff Probst, Phil Keoghan, Joe Mantegna Jeff Probst, Phil Keoghan, Joe Mantegna

Survivor, The Amazing Race and Criminal Minds are just a few of the CBS shows expanding into the video game realm.

CBS Consumer Products announced the upcoming release of video games based on those shows as well as Ghost Whisperer, Diagnosis Murder and Hollywood Squares.

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The Survivor and Amazing Race games require players will participate in various challenges like those in the reality shows in order to win. Like their TV counterparts, Criminal Minds and Diagnosis Murder will require players to examine crime scenes for clues to help solve murder mysteries, and Ghost Whisperer will have players help the recently deceased and their loved ones find closure.

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The Hollywood Squares game will play just like the game show and will also include bonus footage from the TV show. Like the other games, Squares will be available on computers and gaming consoles, but it will also be accessible on the iPhone.

The Amazing Race is scheduled to hit stores at the start of the show's next season. All the other games are scheduled to come out in 2010, but no specific release dates have been announced.