Survivor: Panama Exile Island
Harmony truly has no place on Survivor. While the La Mina men's club plus

Sally were enjoying their mutual-admiration society, Casaya's members were bickering through the night. Of course, the happy tribe was thrown a curve while the crazy tribe enjoyed a feast. Shane was thrilled to finally get a cigarette, and I was just glad that he didn't have to trade all his clothing to get it. A lunatic in shorts is bad enough a naked one is unacceptable: no more Richard Hatch wannabes, please. I loved Cirie, egging on the girls against Shane and grinning as the bull's-eye moved farther and farther from her back. Who would have thought the woman afraid of leaves could be such a great player? My favorite heated moment: Danielle shouting "done" as Shane blathered on and on about swearing on his son. The only oath I'd believe from Shane would be on a pack of Marlboros. I cracked up watching the Casaya members biting their way through rope during the challenge, and watching Terry swat Shane away like a gnat when they crashed into one another. Dan took the blame for the loss, but I wonder how much of that was Sally's doing, knowing she'd be safer on Exile Island than back at Boystown. Bruce didn't say a single word the entire episode, and he looked pretty rough after the challenge. He can't possibly be happy hanging out with the "paper tiger" alliance as it shreds itself into oblivion. But not before the La Mina men ousted astronaut Dan in a totally anticlimactic vote. Cheesiest line goes to Terry, saying Dan had "the right stuff" while we listened to heroic flight music. Can't wait to see who is injured and airlifted off the island. My money is on Shane.... Maybe his tribe will finally decide to turn him into his favorite thing a cigarette  and light his head on fire.