Shane West, <EM>ER</EM> Shane West, ER
Survivor: Panama Exile Island Merge time finally arrived, with some mad scrambling, extremely arrogant behavior and highly cheesy lines delivered by Austin . "Marvin Gaye

said it best: Let's get it on" and "Bobbing and weaving like Sugar Ray Leonard" were the gems that aired, but I have a feeling he uttered, "It's on like Donkey Kong" at some point, too. Terry unsuccessfully managed the futile task of building numbers but unsurprisingly now holds both tokens of immunity. Bruce painted a pretty impressive flag for the new Gitanos tribe, and what did he get as a reward? Nick's machete in the face. Remind me to never build a house with Nick, go fishing with Sally or do anything at all near Shane. Talk about winning the bad-neighbor award: Those former Casayas shouldn't have been rubbing it in  Shane would have been gone if Terry had shared that idol. The challenge was beyond dull. Aren't those endurance-type games usually saved until the final three or so? But I did laugh at Aras' Ed Grimley hair and Shane getting shot down when he sought food. The tribe mates were smirking heartily as Austin gave away his entire plan at tribal council I'm not sure whether it's because he blew his cover or they found it humorous that he thinks he is stronger than Nick and Terry. I was disappointed with the outcome: Nick seemed decent, if flaky, and it would have been great to see snotty Shane take the walk of shame. What was up with Nick's final words? "Twentysomethings, rise up, blah, blah, blah." Who did he think he was, Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume?