Both the Koror and Ulong tribes voted off members on last week's Survivor: Palau, but things got worse for the rapidly dwindling Ulongers when Koror prevented their planned ouster of Ibrehem by granting him immunity. Scrambling for someone else to cut, Ulong had a tie vote between Bobby Jon Drinkard and Angie Jakusz. In the end, 24-year-old bartender Angie — best known for her freaky tattoos — got her torch snuffed. Here, she bellies up to the bar and shows how she managed to last far longer than we ever expected. The show kept blurring your chest area. What were they hiding? One of your tattoos?
Angie Jakusz:
Nipples. The boobs just kept popping out of that bra — [my] girls were the first to leave. I lost 17 lbs., and it was all in my boobs. I didn't have that much to begin with. "Come back, ladies!"

TVG: You were also in skimpy panties, unlike the other female contestants.
People were like, "She should put on some clothes." Honey, it is not like I had a choice in this. Those other girls were wearing thongs — they were just embarrassed to take their clothes off. I'm comfortable with my body image. I'm sorry that size 6 models can't get down to their underpants because they are afraid that somebody is going to call them fat. I don't have that problem. I'm more about comfort than looks. This is not America's Next Top Model. I didn't come out here to have a fashion show.

TVG: What was your strategy when you started?
I totally wanted somebody to be the Rob to my Amber. I wanted to sit back with some loud guy who would take all the blame while I tagged along for the ride. I thought I found that in Coby. He's great — he's over the top and dishy and, as a bonus, I genuinely like him. It was perfect. Within the first five minutes [of the game] I thought, "I've totally got my man."

TVG: But Coby didn't pick you. Are you mad?
He blew my strategy to bits. But how can you be mad? Everybody's human. Coby did what he thought was best. Ultimately, it did end up being the better choice for him. It wasn't for me, but for him, it worked out better.

TVG: Your Ulong tribe had some tough luck. If Ibrehem hadn't gotten immunity, do you think you'd have stayed at least a few more days?
Definitely. It was really good to play Stephanie [against the guys], because she'd get so upset about losing. All I [had] to do was say, "Well, you know that the both of us did really good." And she totally took that on, like, "You are right. We did do good — it was the guys." I thought it was going to be totally easy once we got Ibrehem off. Bobby Jon and I talked about that for hours. He was like, "Me and Ibrehem are from Alabama and have this alliance." I worked so hard to get him to [agree] to vote for Ibrehem, which they didn't show any of.

TVG: So you did have alliances?
We did, but they weren't hard-core like, till-you-die alliances.

TVG: Ulong didn't have a leader. Think that was part of the problem?
No. I think that if people were better listeners, we would have been OK without a leader. But people didn't want to listen to anyone else. You can't have a leader when nobody wants to be a follower.

TVG: Think there's any way your tribe can make a comeback?
I don't know. Now you've got James, Bobby Jon and Ibrehem left. That's not exactly the smartest power trio right there.

TVG: Ibrehem looked like a strong guy, yet he didn't seem to pull his weight in challenges. What's up with that?
There is a difference from working out at the gym and being an occupationally strong person. He seemed like the kind of person who is not strong for strong's sake, but is strong for looks' sake.

TVG: The wrestling challenge was a perfect example. You and Stephanie made a comeback but the strong-looking men couldn't seem to win.
Which again shows lack of smarts on our tribe, because me and Stephanie were [coaching the guys] like, "You have to drop down. Do you see they are all dropping to the ground when they push you off? You are tall. Stay low. Center of balance is bad when you are tall." Did any of the guys get down? No, uh-uh. There was such a general lack of respect for women on our tribe that it was pathetic. Nobody would ever listen to me or Stephanie.

TVG: Why did you want to go on Survivor anyway?
Adventure on the high seas with a pirate crew. That was the life for me. Sign me up [next] for The Amazing Race. I'm down! [But] I don't think I could deal with The Surreal Life. I might look crazy, but those people are, like, mentally crazy.

FYI, Survivor: Palau airs tonight at 8 pm/ET on CBS due to NCAA basketball airing in its usual Thursday-night time slot. To read about last week's other Survivor castoff, click here.