Survivor: One World Survivor: One World

The Survivor casting announcement often includes such prototypes as a farmer, a model, a doctor, a mother hen, a computer nerd and a cocky athlete. And the upcoming season of Survivor: One World is no different.

What is different, however, is that for the first time in Survivor history, both tribes will be sharing the same beach, the network announced Wednesday. Crazy! They'll be allowed to share resources and form inter-tribe alliances — it's an interesting twist for a show that's been pretty stagnant of late (the upcoming will mark Survivor's 24th season).

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On Survivor: One World

, which premieres Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 8/7c on CBS, 18 castaways will be divided into two tribes: Men (Salani) and Women (Manono).


Survivor: One World preview

Survivor: One World preview

Check out the list of castaways:

Nina Acosta
Retired Los Angeles policewoman
Clovis, Calif.; Age: 51

Jay Byars
Gaffney, S.C.; Age: 25

Christina Cha
Career Consultant
West Hollywood, Calif.; Age: 29

Monica Culpepper
Retired NFL Player's Wife
Tampa, Fla.; Age: 41

Colton Cumbie
College Student
Monroeville, Ala.; Age: 21

Kat Edorsson
Timeshare Rep
Orlando, Fla.; Age: 22

Michael Jefferson
Seattle; Age: 30

Leif Manson
San Diego; Age: 27

Chelsea Meissner
Medical Sales
Charleston, S.C.; Age: 26

Kourtney Moon
Motorcycle Repair
Austin, Texas; Age: 29

Jonas Otsuji
Sushi Chef
Lehi, Utah; Age: 37

Bill Posley
Stand-Up Comedian
Venice, Calif.; Age: 28

Matt Quinlan
San Francisco; Age: 33

Alicia Rosa
Special Ed Teacher
Chicago; Age: 25

Troy Robertson
Swimsuit Photographer
Miami; Age: 50

Greg Smith
Plastic Surgeon
Houston; Age: 64

Kim Spradlin
Bridal Shop Owner
San Antonio; Age: 29

Sabrina Thompson
High School Teacher
New York; Age: 33