Ozzy Lusth, <EM>Survivor: Micronesia</EM> Ozzy Lusth, Survivor: Micronesia

It was the blindside heard 'round the world. Ozzy Lusth was arguably the most capable player on Survivor: Micronesia (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS) and the holder of the hidden immunity idol. Still, he became the second member of the jury after he was betrayed by two alliance members. The 26-year-old photographer from Venice, California, excelled at all things athletic, and while he was an obvious target, he was also expected to make it further in the game. (Perhaps that's why he didn't even bring the idol to his final tribal council?) Even though all was not lost — Ozzy made a love connection with Amanda Kimmel — he tells TVGuide.com that it was his social game that tripped him up.

TVGuide.com: What happened with the idol? Why didn’t you decide to play it?
Ozzy Lusth:
I got played, basically. I got stabbed in the back by my friends, and I didn’t see it coming.

TVGuide.com: But it looked like you and James had talked and thought that something might be going on.
Yeah, I mean, I thought maybe something might be going on. I just didn't read the signals.

TVGuide.com: Understandably, you were very upset when you were voted out. At the time, who did you think betrayed you?
Oh, I knew it was Parvati.

TVGuide.com: What do you regret most about how this went down?
That's pretty much it, really.

TVGuide.com: Rather than relying on your physical ability, as you did in your first season, you played more of a social game this time. Why did you change your strategy?
I pretty much had to. Coming back to [Survivor], it was really the only way [to avoid] being voted out first. I had to do what I could. I think it's the only reason why I made it as far as I did.

TVGuide.com: We've seen on Survivor that "showmances" can work. Has your relationship with Amanda carried on after the show?
Yes, we've both been taking it easy, but we're still dating.

TVGuide.com: Which do you think is more important, the physical or the social game?
For the most part I think the social game is probably more important than just being able to totally dominate.

TVGuide.com: You denied that you were the de facto leader. However, it looked very much like you were controlling the Malakal tribe. Can you explain that?
Yeah, I just had to do what I could at tribal council to deflect some of that spotlight, but I definitely was [the leader] because they didn’t really know what they were doing for the most part.

TVGuide.com: Do you think that you got a fair edit?
Except for the last couple shows, where I was looking like a jerk.

TVGuide.com: Why did you step out of the immunity challenge and take the donuts? You had just come from a feast.
I have really bad shoulders from years of surfing.

TVGuide.com: It wasn't because the donuts were that tempting?
No, I couldn't do that challenge. My shoulders are just shot, so I figured I might as well at least get a donut for bowing out.

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