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After his attack on her during last week's Tribal Council, it was only a matter of time before Jane Bright got back at Marty Piombo on Survivor: Nicaragua — saying "you are a disgrace to any man who calls himself a father." She only said it to the camera, though, and just as Marty was on his way out of the game. The 48-year-old castaway tells how "appalled" he was by Jane's final remarks, her surprising plea to him on the game's first day and why he doesn't regret calling her out.

Watch full episodes of Survivor: Nicaragua Why do you think your plan to blindside Jane and flush out NaOnka's idol fell apart at Tribal Council?
Marty Piompo:
I suspect that it fell apart before Tribal Council. Sash and Brenda are really smart players and Sash was already starting to map out a strategy that he thought would take him all the way to the finals. I presented a good plan, but I'm sure at the end of the day they would have had to flip from what were their traditional connections into a new set of supporting players. ... Obviously, they weighed those options and decided they wanted to throw in their lot with the other group. Do you think you were ever too forthcoming throughout the game, whether it was with Sash and Brenda, or about Jane?
My whole game was about being loyal and true, and being very open with everybody. I would have loved to go to the finals with the strongest people and let the chips fall where they may. And with those guys, I needed to be very open with them on everything because I needed them desperately if I wanted to stay alive in the game. So I choose to be very, very candid with them and tell them exactly what was going on. ... I thought Sash and Brenda were going to go at it and I would be in the middle somewhere and get carried along. At that tribal when I called out Jane, it was very pragmatic, unemotional. It was just simply calling out the fact that she would probably be one of the most dangerous people to take to the finals, and I think it rang true for a lot of people there. I had nothing to lose ... I wouldn't take any of that back. I was as forthright as I needed to be and accomplished what I wanted to do, which was to shift the target onto her back, take the heat off me and at least limit how far she could ever get in the game and make sure she didn't have a shot at the million dollars.

Survivor's Alina: NaOnka got away with murder Jane was obviously upset with what you said. Did any of the things she said to you after Tribal Council get to you?
I am shocked by the things that have surfaced on the episode. I'm appalled by her dragging my children on national television and talking about what she would consider me to be as a father ... She uses the word slander, but she doesn't understand what that word means. My statement was pure and clean. She came up to me within five minutes of the game starting and said, "My husband just died. I need the money. Please don't vote me off." That really turned me off as a way of playing the game. I have more tragedy and human loss in my life than Jane and Chase combined. I chose not to bring that into the game and that's the difference. That combined with her decision to align with Wendy Joe and Jimmy T. of all people, I knew she hasn't playing a smart game. ... Her anger and hatred is inexplicable to me just because I don't feel that towards anyone in this game no matter what they did. One of the biggest moves in the game was when you gave Sash the hidden immunity idol. Looking back now, do you think that helped you or do you wish you had played it differently?
Absolutely not. If they had taken my idol and then voted me out that night, then yeah, it would have gone down as one of the stupidest moves ever. But I think I played two bold moves with that idol. First, it took Kelly B. out. I read things that indicated to me not to use the idol, which was a great move. And then giving it to Sash was a leap of faith, but there were things about Sash that I sensed were going to be cool for a while and, thankfully, I was right. He lived up to his word ... I would not have done that differently. I was going home one way or another. I could have either given it to Jeff, and endure the wrath of La Flor and guarantee a vote out at the next Tribal Council, or play along and gamble. Is there anything you would have done differently?
: If anything, I would have tried to work closer with Holly. That's the only thing that I'll say about my game because I think that could have changed some things.