Since getting engaged on live TV in May, life's been a whirlwind for Survivor: All-Stars runner-up Rob Mariano (aka Boston Rob) and $1 million winner Amber Brkich. Together, they've traveled the nation doing public appearances to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame. They're now happily promoting Survivor: All-Stars — The Complete Season DVD set (currently available in stores). Here, TV Guide Online catches up with the couple to dish their upcoming nuptials, their future reality-TV ambitions and other silliness.

TV Guide Online: Have you adjusted back to real life?
We are so not living real life yet. We're having fun with this and we want it to last as long as it possibly can. But I know that once we do have a house and a normal life again, we'll love that, too.
Rob: Since the show ended on May 9, we've been together almost every single day, 24/7. Between the time on the island and our time off, we've already done like a five-year marriage.

TVGO: Where will you settle down?
We're looking in Florida. We figured that we couldn't pick Boston or Pittsburgh. It was too hard to pick between the families. We figured, "Why not pick a place where everyone will want to come visit?"

TVGO: How are the wedding plans going?
They are going. The summer was so busy, we weren't able to do too much. But now, plans are starting to unfold. We're planning on early next summer, like May or June. A beach wedding, of course.

TVGO: Will it be televised?
We don't know yet. Our agent is going back and forth with the networks, and we are trying to make everyone happy. Most of all, [we want to] make us happy, because it is our wedding. For them, it is a TV show, but for us, it is our wedding.

TVGO: Buy anything fun with the Survivor loot?
Not really. We both paid off our school loans and all of our debt. But we really want to buy a house, and that will be a huge purchase. Right now, we're trying not to spend it.

TVGO: What will we get to see on the DVD?
The audition tapes are on it. There's behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from us after we saw the show, so that will be very interesting.
Amber: You get to see the after-party from the finale.
Rob: The casting director gives hints on how to get on the show.

TVGO: Are you fans of any other reality shows?
We watch The Amazing Race religiously. We really want that to be our next undertaking. We think we'd be a great team.
Amber: We'd win it, too. If we got on there, we'd win it.
Rob: No doubt. Think about it. We dominated Survivor — there is no way we would not dominate that, too. I can see it already, us making deals with people. That's the best part, and with the Race, it would be even more fun because I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve.

TVGO: What is next for you?
[Laughs] We're going to be talk-show hosts.

TVGO: Like the next Regis and Kelly?
We talked to them [the other morning] on the show and they said as long as it is all right with Gelman...
Amber: ...they'll take a couple of weeks off and we'll have the "Rob and Amber" show for a couple of weeks.
Rob: It would be really fun. They seemed to think we'd be great.

TVGO: Do you keep in touch with other Survivors?
I talk to Rupert once in a while. He's pretty cool. I talk to Probst. Once in a while, I talk to [Colby] Donaldson. Other than that, not so much. For the most part, All-Stars really brought out what I had expected. It brought out a lot of jealousy and bitterness from people. You can see that now. Before, we'd go to charity events and everybody would be nice to you and [be your] best friends.
Amber: It was almost because of the fact that there was always talk of an All-Stars show, so you'd be nice to everybody — just in case.
Rob: Now that it is done with, we go to these events, [and] almost nobody even talked to us. Come on, it was a game! Get over it. Get a life.