During the Survivor: All-Stars reunion, we learned that Jenna Lewis had recently eloped with model Travis Wolfe, whom she'd only begun dating a few months ago. The third-place finisher has more than mere matrimonial news up her sleeve, though. You see, while Jenna acted like a good-natured chatterbox during her island stint, she's also quite the spitfire. Here, TV Guide Online discovers just how sassy this mother-of-two can be, as she expresses her true feelings about Amber, Jerri and her other Survivor rivals.

TV Guide Online: Congratulations on your wedding. Was that spur of the moment?
Jenna Lewis:
Yeah, it was a spontaneous thing last weekend. He asked me, I said yes. My daughters love him. It is so good for them.

TVGO: You lost the game when you had a small slip up, barely moving your foot during the final immunity challenge.
It's ridiculous how I'm going to relive that moment for the rest of my life. Because I had that game. If I could have just held on for that immunity, I would have won that game. I would have kept Rob with me in the final two, and who wouldn't have won over Rob? It was just a million-dollar slip.

TVGO: What made you vote for Rob instead of Amber?
Rob made all the strategic decisions. Amber thought about voting me off and he said no. He squashed her decisions when they were wrong. He deserved that million. He played the game much better than anyone else out there — better than me. The only thing that kept everybody else from voting for Rob was bitterness. He deserved it, she didn't.

TVGO: How do you feel about their engagement?
Congratulations. That's great that they found love, and that she won the million dollars. I just hope that she's smart enough to wait six months before breaking it off, so the press doesn't annihilate her.

TVGO: Ouch!
I'm just kidding. I hope they are happy. I really like Rob. He's very loyal and sweet, and I think he'll make a great husband. Outside the game, I don't know Amber as well. From what I know of Amber, I think she's great, but you can't really judge someone based on what you know of them from the show.

TVGO: Were you shocked that Amber gave Shii Ann the car?
Yeah, that's a surprise, considering how much smack she talked about Shii Ann. I don't think Shii Ann was the "swing vote" at all. If anybody was the swing vote, it was Alicia, because Shii Ann had spoken up weeks before and said that she thought Amber was the mastermind. How does that make her the swing vote? Amber just wanted to award Shii Ann the car for kissing her butt on national TV for a couple of weeks.

TVGO: Do you regret not trying to keep Rupert or do you still think it was a good strategy?
It's all up to the fates. If I decided to go to a tie, either you have me voted out or Rupert voted out. At least this way, I was showing more faith in myself, giving myself the chance to win immunity. I didn't. But I could have been out in fourth place, and that just sucks.

TVGO: Why do you think Jerri left the reunion?
Who knows why Jerri left? Maybe the Xanax wore off. I don't know. The poor girl had a breakdown in the stands; it was ridiculous. I think she was upset she wasn't getting enough attention in the second row.

TVGO: What did you think of Sue's extreme makeover?
I don't see much difference. She's wearing more makeup. Her hair's maybe a little bit lighter. Her boobs could have been bigger or she could have just been wearing one of those Wonderbras. I didn't see much of a change. She still looks like a man dressed up like a woman.

TVGO: Would you ever do Survivor again?
I would do it again right now, sadly. I think we're all a bunch of adventurers and we live on the thrill. We're all addicted to pain, whether we are inflicting it or receiving it. We're all sadists.