Jeff Probst, Survivor Jeff Probst, Survivor

The finale of Survivor: South Pacific airs this Sunday, and in reflecting on the season, we're feeling like the franchise is getting a bit stale. So we began to imagine what a "Celebrity" Survivor would be like.

Would it be the train wreck that I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here so quickly became? Or perhaps it would have a more successful run, like Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, now approaching its sixth season. Either way, we'd want to see Jeff Probst in the competition, rather than hosting it — and then, we'd place our bets on him.

As the host of Survivor for the past 11 years, Probst has traveled to 16 different countries, presented checks to 22 winners, and witnessed over 500 competitions. At this point, we figure he has a foolproof strategy to win the game. So we decided to ask him about it.

Check out Probst's six-point plan for taking Survivor's million-dollar prize:

1. Read people. I think I'm a pretty good read of people. That really subtle read of the competitors from moment to moment is crucial.

2. Stay involved. I would play the game in a way that would keep me in the mix without being in the line of fire. I would always want to know what's going on.

3. Avoid laying low. I think staying under the radar makes it really hard to win the game.

4. Keep the vets. I would not get rid of them. I would never get rid of Ozzy early, ever! That guy is phenomenal on the beach. But given the choice, I would take Boston Rob over Ozzy. Rob can do everything. He can do puzzles, he can do challenges, he can build your shelter, and he can play the social game. Just playing the odds, I would take a strong vet as far as I could because I'm pretty sure they're going to help me get further.

5. Then, vote them off. All you have to do is use those guys until you don't need them anymore, and then cut them loose. (But the inherent risk is that if you let them stay, they may cut you before you cut them).

6. Make a big move. I'd be very mindful of when I made my personal move. I always say to people before the game: the people who win make at least one big, risky move. The only way to have a shot is to go for the win, and going for the win means it's a do or die situation. The players who I consider my favorite had the balls to make a huge move, knowing it could absolutely fail and get them voted out that night. But often, it's what gets them to the end.

The finale of Survivor: South Pacific airs on Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.