Jane Bright Jane Bright

Thanks to her candid nature, surprisingly tough physical presence and resourcefulness (she started a fire with reading glasses), Jane Bright gave Survivor: Nicaragua's older tribe a fighting chance. Those attributes combined with personal tragedy (she lost her husband to cancer in 2009) made her a huge threat to her competition as someone the jury would surely vote for to win the million dollars. However, Jane learned she was a big threat a little too late and was booted from the game in the penultimate episode. The 56-year-old dog trainer spoke with TVGuide.com about why she was so disappointed in Chase Rice, what kept her from aligning with Fabio Birza and why she thinks she wouldn't have the $1,000,000 prize. (Hint: It's an age thing.)

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TVGuide.com: Is it bittersweet to get voted out so close to the finale or are you happy that you made it so far?
Jane Bright:
No, I was super disappointed because I don't like losing. I like to be the winner no matter what I do because I give everything 1,000 percent. For something as important as this ... to get voted out is hard, especially when you think your alliances are tight. I didn't think we would really have to do a lot of scrambling until we got down to the final four, which would have been Sash, Holly, Chase and me. At that point, we had a super strong alliance and we had a pecking order of who was going to get voted out when. So it was a crushing blow.

TVGuide.com: Would you have preferred not to know so early in the day that you were going home, since you weren't able to change your fate?
To me, that was the only time Chase showed me he had [guts] the whole game, is him telling me that. ... I tried to talk Fabio and Dan out of voting for me, but Sash had convinced them he was going to take them to the final three, and Chase had convinced them he was going to take them to the final three so they had nothing to lose but to vote me out. I tried to tell them, "Guys, if you don't win immunity, you'll be going next." Jeff tried to talk them out of it and it didn't work.

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TVGuide.com: Why do you think that Dan and Fabio decided to vote against you despite the clear alliance among Holly, Chase and Sash?
: Because Chase and Sash are such good liars. I have a feeling Sash said to them, "Jane's going to tell you a lot of things. Don't believe a word she says."

TVGuide.com: Do you regret putting out the fire or criticizing Holly during Tribal Council?
I don't regret putting out the fire, because according to my weather predictions, it was going to pour down rain that night and the next day. I got really good at predicting the weather because I work on a farm. I just have to wait and see if my prediction comes true. ... I don't regret a thing. I just wish some other people had made some different decisions. I can't speak for them, but time will tell if their decisions prove to be favorable.

TVGuide.com: Out of your three allies, why were you the most disappointed by Chase?
Chase always seemed very, very sincere. He helped me go fishing when no one else would get off their lazy butts to do anything. H was the one that approached me. I didn't approach him, I wasn't grabbing him. ... After talking to him and being around him, he seemed to be a whole lot more sincere than he actually was. That was my biggest disappointment, even though I now see he didn't hold his word with anybody. I don't know if that's how he is in real life or just how he is on the show.

TVGuide.com: Do you agree or disagree with everyone's concern that you would have fairly easily won over the jury and won the $1 million?
That's a 50-50 toss-up. If it actually came down to me, Chase and Holly, Chase and I would have had a much better shot than Holly because Holly never did anything around camp. She didn't do that well in challenges, Chase did. Had it been a total different outcome, it would have been narrowed down to me and Chase and then it would have been narrowed down to how many old people and how many young people are actually voting on the jury, and how [angry] people were at the very end. There's a lot of factors that go into it, but my gut feeling is Chase would have won. ... Young people don't think about other people, older people do.

TVGuide.com: Is there anything else that you would have done differently?
I wish I hadn't had put so much faith in Chase. I tried several times to build a good rapport with Fabio. He and I did real good in a couple of challenges. ... Then I tried to build an alliance with Benry, but he was so stand-offish. He didn't even want to talk to old people.