Survivor: Guatemala The Maya EmpireDanni won! Yay! She made the right decision by taking Stephenie

to the final two instead of Rafe. I think it would have been a much closer vote if she had chosen to go the other way. Plus, she looks amazing now that she's not all emaciated. Let's go over some stats:- 22 minutes: How late the show was in starting tonight, and how late it ran past 11 pm. - 3: The amount of times you can air one commercial during one normal-length break. Seriously  they aired the Pontiac Torrent ad so many times, I could recite it, but when they aired it back to back and then again after another commercial, it was really too much. - 1 million: the amount of money Danni will be taking home pretax because she starved herself for 39 days and tried not to stab too many people in the back along the way. - 2: The number of times that Stephenie and Bobby Jon got to play Survivor.- 1: The number of votes that Stephenie got during the final tribal council. Only ever-loyal Rafe voted for her. - 1: Also the number of times that Stephenie, Danni and Lydia ruined an ancient sacrifice by eating the chicken that was an offering to the gods.- 37: The number of days that Stephenie claimed not to have eaten when she was trying to justify eating the sacrificial chicken. - 2: The real number of days since Steph had scarfed down food with Cindy on her reward. So glad that Judd made the comment about how much she had eaten while she was out there. - High 5s: There was an obvious hand slap between jury members Bobby Jon and Jamie during tribal council when it was brought up that Stephenie had ticked a few people off. Did that sway Danni's decision?  All in all, it was a pretty anticlimactic season, although Judd and his "brutal honesty" really livened things up. People lied, people cheated and at the end of the day, someone went home a million dollars richer. No big shocking revelations at the reunion, though it was nice to see Jamie and Bobby Jon as pals instead of screaming at each other. Gary reluctantly fessed up to his pro-football past. And Jeff teased easy-target Brian about his early ouster. Loved Judd's comment that people mostly recognize him as the "big fat dude from Survivor." Can't wait for next season: That exile island looks like a cool new twist. And so glad that Jeff will be back. I really can't imagine this show without the dimpled host saying, "the tribe has spoken."   Angel Cohn

Grey's Anatomy
That little C.J. Sanders sure knows how to pull at our heartstrings, doesn't he? First, he captured our hearts as the young Ray Charles in Ray, followed immediately by his awesome appearances on Six Feet Under. Tonight he gave yet another stellar performance as Justin, the kid in need of a second heart transplant. I was so glad it was Cristina who revived him and then gave him a good talk and it was her positive mental energy that really saved him in the end. I really liked how Burke told Cristina there was a difference between being religious and being spiritual. Her smiling when she saw the decorated tree and then the menorah was great. Also great was how everyone helped Alex study for his retaking of the boards, even Izzie ("because it's what Jesus would freakin' do!"). Nice moment with Izzie crying like that towards the end you could really tell how sorry Alex was. Then there's Bailey the more pregnant she gets, the more supportive she is of her interns. So cool of her to allow Meredith and the others to help Alex, but the best Bailey moment was when she asked George to be tough with that obnoxious family. Speaking of which, did you notice Helen Slater playing the woman with the gastric ulcer? Kind of a blah role for Supergirl, but actors need work, I guess (her not-so-exciting role reminded me of the one John Stamos played on ER last month). I always love the final moments of this show Meredith's narration sums up the basic theme of the episode while something pivotal happens right at the very end. In this case, Meredith explained how important our friends, in addition to our real families, are during the holidays, and then Derek told Addison he was still in love with Meredith. Care for another hot-buttered rum, Addison?  Dave Anderson