<EM>Survivor: Guatemala</EM> Survivor: Guatemala
Survivor is in Guatemala, and the big twist is that two popular players are back for a second shot... and they are Stephenie and

Bobby Jon from the losing Ulong tribe on Survivor: Palau. While Jeff Probst gives them a lot of credit, calling Bobby one of the hardest-working players ever, and Stephenie one of the toughest women, I think that from the outset, these two are at a disadvantage yet again. That fear is only slightly boosted when, after a 24-hour, 11-mile trek through the jungle, Bobby is dehydrated and his eyes are rolling back in his head  creepy. But he's not even the most laid-up person on his new tribe, Nakum, which I can only assume is ancient Mayan for "injured," "unlucky" or "filled with weak men." One day into the game and Jim is vomiting and has torn a muscle in his arm; Bobby's got the rolling-eyeball thing going on; Blake has been hit by what looked like a porcupine stick and can't move his shoulder; and even Judd is vomiting and suffering from the condition Brandon called "premature evacuation" after he tried to get out of their canoe too early. Almost all the males are down, and thankfully nurse Margaret is there to help, but the whole situation seems kind of funny because Danni was psyched that they got Bobby over Steph, since everyone knows that "a man is just stronger than a woman." Clearly she missed Steph's rockin' performance in Palau. It looks like Danni's going to get a little taste of Steph's skills here, as the strongwoman has found herself on a team that has already won more challenges than her last one. I thought it was so nice that several of Steph's female Yaxha cohorts told her that she was an inspiration for them to go on the show. Not that they won't cut her out of the tribe as soon as they get the opportunity, but they like her all the same. And I really hope sweet Steph doesn't trust that scheming Gary, who is already planning to lie about his background and name. Yaxha won the immunity challenge and got a bye from tribal council, so they'll have a few more days before the allying and backstabbing begin. Nakum voted out Jim, who was the most incapacitated by injury of the ailing clan. I think Bobby dodged a bullet on that one. And can I just say that Jeff so didn't lie to me when he said this might be the toughest Survivor yet? These players have no supplies, already hiked through a rugged terrain, braved a night in the dark wilderness and rowed their boats ashore, and it doesn't look like the hardships are going to let up anytime soon. Gotta love that.