Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Denise Martin, Amanda Kimmel and Peih-Gee Law, <EM>Survivor: China</EM> Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Denise Martin, Amanda Kimmel and Peih-Gee Law, Survivor: China

Who’s going to win? Jeff Probst helps us rate China's (Thursdays, 8 pm/ET, CBS) final five.

We Say: The Utah-based flight attendant, 22, may be a little guy, but he's had the biggest impact on this season's game. He's smart, strategic and as cutthroat as Richard Hatch. But has he made too many enemies?
Jeff Probst Says: "Todd has been exciting to watch because he gets such joy out of playing the game. He's loving this manipulative adventure he's on, and he's good at it. But it's always fun to be the person in charge of giving the blind side to somebody until you get to the final tribal council and they're sitting on the jury. Todd's gotta let other people get credit for making moves if he wants a chance to convince people he's worthy [of winning]."
Odds: 5 out of 6

We Say: The prickly California jeweler, 29, made one of China's most controversial moves when she threw an immunity challenge in order to get a member of her own tribe ousted. She's been on the chopping block several times herself but has proven to be more resilient than a cockroach.
Probst Says: "I didn't really like her in the beginning. She was kind of toxic. But the more she stayed, the more I started to see she's a pretty good player. She's [become] a true underdog. She's got a lot of former tribe members on the jury, and that could work to her advantage."
Odds: 3 out of 6

We Say: The mouthy New York City waitress with the scary-slight frame, 26, just might be the biggest eye-roller in Survivor history. The fact that she's no physical threat could help her secure a spot in the final three.
Probst Says: "It's been a long time since I've been surprised to see somebody still in the game. But I actually think she could have chance at winning, depending on who she's up against and what argument she makes. If she could take all of her negative traits and turn them into [obstacles] that she overcame, she has a shot."
Odds: 4 out of 6

We Say: The Boston-area lunch lady, 40, is tough, hardworking and an earnest straight shooter. But at times in the game, she's also proven to be as out of step as her mullet.
Probst Says: "She is the dark-horse favorite. Out of anybody in this game right now, I would want to get rid of Denise as soon as possible because she's so likable and she's really done nothing wrong. She's been a true friend to everybody. It's hard not to root for her. And I like her even more for the story she told about why she has her mullet."
Odds: 2 out of 6

We Say: The L.A.-based hiking guide, 23, was smart enough to form an alliance with Todd early in the game, and her sidekick status has allowed her to make fewer enemies. Orchestrating the dramatic ouster of fan favorite James proved she's a power player.
Probst Says: "Amanda's been in Todd's shadow, but she knows this game as well as he does. She just pulled out a big sword and lopped somebody's head off with it. If she's willing to do that again, she could have a check for a million bucks. If she goes back to being timid, it'll be tougher for her to win."
Odds: 6 out of 6

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