Ashley Massaro, <EM>Survivor: China</EM>  Ashley Massaro, Survivor: China 

When the Zhan Hu tribe lost its second consecutive immunity challenge last Thursday on Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS), 28-year-old WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro was the second person voted out. Never one to go down without a fight, Ashley told what went wrong with her game, and how it all came down to one thing (or one person). So what did you in?
Ashley Massaro: My conflict with Dave was the biggest problem. He's just not capable of leading. The other people I was friends with, like Erik, Jaime and Sherea, would come over and complain. They'd say, "We should be making food right now, not building a barbecue pit.... Can you go tell him?" Dave is very aggressive when you challenge him. I'm used to that, so I'm just like, "Listen [Laughs], this needs to be said, sorry. We need to be getting some rice in us before this [immunity] challenge." And because we didn't, he fell out, and we lost the challenge. They're really going to have some cleaning up to do after they get rid of that loser. I wouldn't be surprised if Dave threw [the immunity challenge] on purpose. To get rid of you?
Ashley: Yup. You're pretty sure that Dave is not long for the game.
Ashley: I know how the tribe feels, I've talked to them. It wasn't as easy a choice as some may think [to vote me off], but I know it was an easy choice for Dave, and probably an easy choice for Peih-Gee. There are major problems between Dave and the rest of the tribe, and he's digging his own grave right now. We're sitting there in the Tribal Council, and he's going, "I'd hate to take this leadership position...." That is all bull. He's just like that — he wants to lead. That's just a personality trait. As he was voting you off, he said you two might have been friends in a different circumstance.
Ashley: Dave tries to take the high road so people think he's this nice guy, but it's all phony. I compare him to [Survivor: Pearl Islands competitor] Johnny Fairplay. He's manipulative, and people don't see it right away. But their eyes will open. I hope the general public sees him long enough to realize that even though he's saying these words, there's nothing behind them. They're empty. Why did you and Dave butt heads so much?
Ashley: We got along on the first day — I remember in the rowboat, he was goofy and funny, and I thought, "This is going to be someone that I get along with for sure." But he just went bananas — maybe it was no food, water or sleep, and working like crazy. It changes your personality. I laughed when you said, "I'm voting for Derek Zoolander — I mean Dave" during Tribal Council.
Ashley: [Laughs] He told a story about how he spent his 22nd birthday in Paris, or in Tokyo, with 22 bottles of Cristal — he was modeling for this company [Laughs].... I listened to all these stories, one after the other, and I'm going, "What a gimmick." Did you campaign to stay?
Ashley: I didn't want it to turn into, "Do we keep Dave because he is a man?" And I was just saying at the [previous] Tribal Council that it wasn't a good idea to vote out Chicken because we needed the manpower. I can't believe those words came out of my mouth, that I was telling the girls we need the manpower, only to be at Tribal Council up against Dave, eating my words: "We really don't need the manpower!" Any predictions on who will win?
Ashley: I'm hoping it's Jaime or Erik. Erik's so quiet and nice, and Jaime's not stupid, as someone may assume just because she's so cute and bubbly; that girl's got it together. And Todd — he just knows the game inside out and is playing really well. He seems confident as heck. Being a busty gal myself, I have to ask you...
Ashley: Uh-oh. ... don't those things get in the way when you're wrestling?
Ashley: Not at all. But out there [in China] I can't believe how exposed my outfit was. I was freezing, because I was getting skinnier by the second. It was so wet and cold. I just hated the fact that we didn't have any clothes on. I was begging for anything — Frosti gave me his T-shirt the first day. Dave even gave me his long-sleeve shirt the first day.... And then we got into a fight. But poor Amanda — hers got in the way [during the reward challenge]. Apparently it was legal to pull people's clothes off. I don't wrestle doing things like that; I think it's wrong to pull someone's top off. I probably would've given them a clothesline or something. I was doing everything I could to keep Jean-Robert back and his pants started coming off, but that was not my fault. I didn't mean for that to happen. I was just keeping him away from that ball, that's all I knew. Any last thoughts on being in China?
Ashley: Beijing and Shanghai were really cool. WWE takes me all over the world, but I'd never been to China; that's one place I haven't wrestled yet. But we might start there; we have a new office in Shanghai. I just got back from there, and I was like, "No way — I'm not going to visit that office for a while."

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