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In the ultimate Survivor battle to prove who's superior -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty -- the answer was quite surprising! So, was it the aggressive Tony, the ruthless Kass, underdog Spencer or spiritual dark horse Woo who became the sole survivor of Cagayan?  

After a surprise visit from their family members, the quartet faced another immunity challenge, which Kass shockingly won despite falling far behind. With her spot in the final three assured, Kass set her sights on eliminating Spencer, which she achieved much to her own detriment after Woo won the second immunity challenge and voted her off.

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With Woo and Tony comprising the final two, Brawn proved to be the ultimate winner. It seemed like self-professed villain Tony would be unable to sway the jury after alienating most of its members, but after Spencer delivered an impassioned plea praising Tony as a true player of the game while calling Woo a dog that follows orders, the 39-year-old New Jersey cop came out on top with the required five votes.

"It was a game," Tony told Survivor host Jeff Probst at the reunion, where it was revealed that Tony does, in fact, have a wife and child even though some competitors and viewers believed that he was lying in order to win. "I've been getting a lot of hate tweets on social media... I did a lot of dirty stuff on TV. I did a lot of lying, manipulating and backstabbing."

For its upcoming 29th season, Survivor will head to San Juan Del Sur for Blood vs. Water 2

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