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Survivor's Brice Johnston on His Beauty Tribe Mates: "They Are Pointless"

Survivor: Cagayan contestant Brice Johnston certainly isn't worried about burning bridges with his former teammates after his elimination on this week's episode. "My tribe was just very, very boring," Johnston told TVGuide.com this week. "I don't really remember their names. But they were boring. They had not really much personality and they weren't really playing the game."

Liz Raftery

Survivor: Cagayancontestant Brice Johnston certainly isn't worried about burning bridges with his former teammates after his elimination on this week's episode.

"My tribe was just very, very boring," Johnston told TVGuide.com this week. "I don't really remember their names. But they were boring. They had not really much personality and they weren't really playing the game."

Well, then! Johnston had similar things to say after his torch was snuffed on Wednesday's episode, and it seems like his tune hasn't changed. (Despite his claims about not being able to remember the names of the other contestants on the Beauty tribe, however, he seemed to have pretty good recollection when it came to insulting them individually during our interview.)

Survivor's Garrett: Not bringing immunity idol to Tribal "was probably a mistake"

The Beauty tribe was sent to Tribal Council after blowing a challenge and losing to the Brains tribe at the last minute. Then, after splitting the vote in a failed attempt to flush out an idol, Brice was sent home on a re-vote. Check out our full interview with the most recent castoff below to get his take on what he calls a bad strategic move by the tribe, as well as that crazy weather!

TVGuide.com: What do you think about the way they've divided the tribes this season?
Being a fan of Survivor, I love when they start it off with three tribes. So it was funny to see the Brains the Beauty and the Brawns. I thought it was interesting. Being out there, when [host Jeff Probst] said it, I don't think I comprehended it. I'm like, oh my God, is this really happening? But it was fun. I think they appropriately placed me on the Beauty tribe, so I was very happy.

We didn't get to see a lot of you guys because the first two hours focused so heavily on the Brains. What were the dynamics in the Beauty tribe?
It was basically, what you saw was what you get. My tribe was boring. I was the only wildflower, the funny one. I was a hard worker. My tribe was just very, very boring. There was a lot [going on], but they didn't just want to just show me all day. ... The people, I don't really remember their names, but they were boring. They had not really much personality and they weren't really playing the game. They wanted to get brought along, a lot of the girls on my tribe.

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You mentioned at Tribal that not everyone was pulling their weight.
When I got out there and everyone on my tribe saw me, I kind of figured they thought I would be like the fourth girl, laying around being lazy. But to their surprise, I was actually very active. I was funny. I was strong. I was great in challenges. I pulled my weight around camp. I helped build the shelter. I was constantly bringing water. I was constantly making the rice. I embody Survivor. We had girls on there that would just lay out all day and want people to bring them food, and want people to tell them what to do. When you play Survivor, everybody pitches in. Everybody does what they're supposed to do. But that didn't happen here.

Do you think that's a function of the Beauty tribe members living up to a stereotype and having things done for them?
I think they are used to it, but I also just don't think they were prepared for Survivor. I mean, you can be a fan of the show, but once you get out there, it gets real really quick. And I just don't think that they were prepared for it. But I'm from Philadelphia. Philadelphia has prepared me for a lot of things, so I wasn't shell-shocked. I knew that once we were out there, it was time to work. I had to pull my weight and I had to do what I needed to do.

Let's talk about the weather. What was the biggest impact going through that storm had on your game?
Oh my God. The biggest impact to me was just being soaked. I've never really experienced just being soaked. When it rains, you can run from your car to inside a building and you get wet and you're like, "Ah! I'm wet." But being drenched for 48 hours is something I've never experienced in my life. And I almost reached a breaking point, to the point where I was thinking, like, do I really want to do this? My hands had swelled up. My feet had swelled up. I'm shivering. And it's nighttime, and we're supposed to go to sleep, and we're just up shaking. We couldn't bend our hands. We kind of had to cuddle together to keep warm. So that definitely was the hardest thing. And then you think, the sun comes out in the morning. The sun didn't come out. It rained all day. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life.

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The Brains had a come-from-behind victory over you guys in the challenge. What happened?
Going into the challenge, we were great. We had it together. But I think our biggest mistake was letting Jeremiah get on the puzzle, because Jeremiah can't tie his shoes. So I don't know why we thought it would be a good idea for him to work on the puzzle. And I think that was our downfall, having somebody like Jeremiah who's just used to taking photos and not doing puzzles. ... I think Jeremiah had a huge hand in our defeat.

There were a lot of negotiations among your tribe mates ahead of Tribal Council. Were you concerned about getting voted off at all?
I was concerned from Day 1. Once I saw my tribe and I saw L.J. and Jeremiah making a connection, Jefra and Alexis making a connection, I knew that they were going to single me out as the gay black guy. So I knew from Day 1 that I would have an uphill battle. Come on, I'm the cutest person on my tribe. I was the funniest person on my tribe. And I knew that threatened L.J. And I knew L.J. would probably want to get his little worker bees to get me off, because had I gone further in the game, they would be in trouble. So, going into Tribal Council, I knew it was going to be a Hail Mary for me. But I wasn't going to be one of those people that just says, "That's it." I was going to go down swinging and fighting. And I felt like I did in true Survivor style.

Did the others' decision to split the vote surprise you?
It did catch me by surprise. When the votes were read, I was in shock. I'm like, wait a minute, that means Jeremiah didn't vote with us. And I didn't realize that until Morgan looked at me and I was like, oh, great. So, yeah, it was kind of surprising we had a three-person vote. It was a little shocking.

Given the horrible conditions, was there any part of you that was relieved to be sent home?
There wasn't. I mean, I wanted to stay in the game. To go back and have a bed and have some cocktails, I was definitely excited. But I definitely would have stormed it out for the whole 39 days.

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You sounded very bitter in your post-elimination interview. Do you regret saying those things about your tribe mates at all, given that you're going to have to see them at the reunion?
Absolutely not. Who are they? Please. I was the life of the Beauty tribe, and they can never take that away. They are pointless characters.

Looking back at your Survivorrun, would you have done anything differently?
Absolutely not. I came out there wanting to play, and I played Survivor. And I was taken out because I was a threat. I didn't quit. I didn't cry. I didn't complain. And if you have to go in Survivor, I think this is the way to go, to be taken out because you're a threat, because they're scared of what you can do. So to me, it's the ultimate compliment. Thank you. Mwah.

In your opinion, was it a bad move for the Beauty tribe to vote you out over, say, someone who was pulling less weight than you were and wasn't performing as well in the challenges?
Absolutely. Like I said before, you voted out the eye candy on the tribe. You can't even be called the Beauty tribe anymore. I think that was a bad strategic move for the grand scheme of things, definitely.

Who do you think is the biggest threat on the Beauty tribe going forward?
(Laughs.) Wait, there's still a Beauty tribe? The most interesting one is gone. I don't know. I can't remember their names. I'm going to go Team Morgan, because that was my girl. I would definitely say Team Morgan. I think she's going to surprise us.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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