On last week's Survivor: Pearl Islands, Drake tribemate Burton Roberts appeared to spearhead a plot to throw a challenge. But his scheming backfired on this 31-year-old marketing exec, whose strength was perceived as a threat. Even his so-called friend, Shawn, conspired to vote him out of the game. Ouch!

What's Burt's take on the betrayal? "If the ship is sinking, you need to get off," Roberts tells TV Guide Online. "I bet, at the last minute, Jon went to Shawn and said, 'Hey, I'm going to vote for Burton and that will get him out. Your alliance is going down the tubes. Jump over here, and we'll save you for a few more weeks.' I would have done with that if I was in Shawn's shoes."

Well, that's a pretty forgiving attitude toward a sell-out comrade. But what made him concoct that ridiculous plan to put himself in jeopardy, when the Drake tribe was so dominant? "It wasn't my idea to throw [the challenge]," he insists. "It was kind of a group idea. I had talked specifically to Trish, Jon, Michelle, Shawn and Rupert about it. The six of us were kind of in on it.

"I do wish that we would have lost [an immunity challenge] earlier in the game," he adds. "Just to get rid of someone. Either Sandra or Christa. It would have helped in the long run."

So his decision wasn't based on pity for the remaining Morgans who couldn't catch a break? "[I have] no remorse from the standpoint of feeling bad for them," Roberts laughs. "Had it not been a strategic game, I would have said we should just beat them until it never ended. But strategy came into play, and I knew I was going to be in trouble at some point. That point was getting closer, so I was trying to make a pre-emptive strike."