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NaOnka Mixon has quickly become the Survivor castaway everyone loves to hate. Her decision to steal food from the big post-merge feast on Wednesday was just the latest in a long line of offenses. But thanks to her strong alliance with Brenda Lowe, it was NaOnka's accomplice, Alina Wilson, who got the boot instead. "It just expanded the target on my back," the 23-year-old co-ed tells "She put me in the worst position ever." Wilson, the first member of the final jury, spoke about being fooled by NaOnka, Marty's Tribal Council comments and why they called her  "Scrapper."

Watch full episodes of Survivor: Nicaragua What was going through your mind during Tribal Council?
Alina Wilson:
During tribal council I was like, "Thank you, God. Marty is digging his own grave." He went on forever. He was really asking to go home. I was hoping everybody would listen and send him home. I was definitely shocked because I thought tribal council was going to be a moment when everybody finally realized, "Let's make a big move instead of an easy move." Easy moves have been made the entire season and this was the time to change that.

The thing that I was pushing with everyone else was that it didn't matter if we got Sash and Brenda's vote. If everyone else voted for Marty, we would have been good. Now I see how tight they all were with Sash and Brenda, so obviously they weren't going to make a big move. But had they done that, they would have taken the power out of Brenda and Sash's hands. Brenda and Sash would have realized they're not the puppet masters like they say they are. When watching the episode, how did you feel seeing Brenda and NaOnka scheming against you during the feast?
It's kind of embarrassing to say I was surprised — I really shouldn't be. I wasn't surprised to see Brenda doing it, but I was surprised to see NaOnka doing it. I guess I gave her a little too much credit while we were out there. I thought she was smart and I thought she wanted to take control, but she went right back into the bottom of Brenda and Sash's alliance.

Survivor's Jill calls Jane's game play "vindictive" and "nasty" What was behind the 'Scrapper' nickname that Brenda gave you?
It came from the first tribal council. Shannon was supposed to be my snake in the alliance. I wanted him to do the dirty work and when he went home, I had to do the dirty work. I had to do damage control after that tribal council. I had to lie, be sneaky and apologize for things I didn't want to apologize for, but what else would you have me do? We're playing Survivor. I had to play that role. Why do you think NaOnka told you about the food she stole, but then excluded you from her alliance?
It was bizarre that she did that. I was kind of like, "This doesn't make sense. Everybody is going to know that somebody took stuff." Secondly, it was weird that all of people, she told me about it. I hated that she told me about it. It really wasn't going to work for me either way. If I wanted to turn it against NaOnka and go tattle tell to everybody, they wouldn't have looked at me like someone they could trust. They would have looked at me like, "NaOnka confided information in you and yet you told another person?" What was I supposed to do? Not eat the food and enjoy it? I had just found out that everyone was lying to me so it was my little revenge, but it definitely put me in a bad position.

I really wanted to make it work for me and turn it around on NaOnka and make everybody hate her. But she had gotten away with murder up until that point, so it wasn't going to change. Everyone was OK with her doing crazy things like that, but when they put my name in the mix, it just expanded the target on my back. Did you know that the Espada tribe had talked about voting you out before? Why do you think they picked you?
I think it comes back to the beginning of the season and the first tribal council of the season. It was an easy vote for Shannon. That shadow followed me everywhere. It was still in their minds and they didn't want to let it go yet. Plus, they didn't want to get rid of each other. Benry had gotten tight with Dan, and Holly was an easy vote with them. So I was the odd man out because they knew if I could switch, I would. It just comes down to the fact that they trusted each other more than me. They were legitimately right not to trust me. I would have done what I needed to do. What was your biggest regret in the game?
The one big regret I have is that NaOnka should have gone instead of Shannon that first night at tribal council. I shouldn't have gunned for Brenda so hard. Instead of going for the head girl, I should have gone for the right-hand girl and then that would have taken away Brenda's numbers. Otherwise, I don't have any major regrets.