<I>Surviving Suburbia</i>, <I>The Goode Family</i> Surviving Suburbia, The Goode Family

Surviving Suburbia is barely living up to its name. After performing tepidly in its first Tuesday-at-9:30 try-out and then getting sidelined for a week with the promise of a return to that time slot, the Bob Saget series is being relocated to Fridays, starting June 12.

Joining Suburbia for the move is its Tuesday lead-in, The Goode Family. The animated series has underperformed as well, collecting critical raspberries and mustering just 2.7 million viewers in its latest outing.

Filling the Tuesday gap in the coming week will be an extra episode of Wipeout, which has been stepping on So You Think You Can Dance's toes in their first weeks of head-to-head competition.

Starting June 17, I Survived a Japanese Game Show will claim the Tuesdays-at-9 slot.