Surreal Life
Maybe I was overly optimistic about this edition of The Surreal Life when I wrote about it last week. The second episode didn't bring any of the drama I was anticipating or any of the fireworks

Florence Henderson promised during our interview. True, Tawny Kitaen was a bit of a control freak (heavy on the freak) while producing that Smash Mouth video. But in the end she brought the project in on time and under budget. So what if she scared Florence away by wearing a habit? (Although it's really sad that Tawny thought playing a sexy nun would be "avant-garde." How lame.) Steve Harwell begging Tawny to writhe around on the car was predictable. And while C.C. Deville was adorable exclaiming, "I thought my MTV days were over!" apparently he didn't realize that they still are. Smash Mouth is so VH1. The second half of the show was a little more exciting as the cast mates acted out various dares. But who didn't know Andrea Lowell would get naked or that C.C. would kiss her or that Alexis Arquette would lust after Maven Huffman? ("Maven has the hot beef filling for my soft taco, anytime.")  All of these characters/relationships were established during the pilot so none of this was new. Watching C.C. agonize over whether or not to take a drink was pretty compelling. As he kept reminding us (and more importantly, himself), he was fresh out of rehab and was "still trying to walk by a soda." For the second week in a row, Sherman Hemsley was the odd man out. He didn't get subtitles this time, however, mainly because he barely had any lines (or screen time) at all. Apparently he's just there to pick up a check and stare at his housemates as if to say, "Damn honkies!"