Surprise Homecoming Surprise Homecoming

This is just lovely: Below is a few minutes of the official premiere of TLC's new tear-jerking series Surprise Homecoming, which airs Monday at 10/9c. In it, Ingrid, a woman coming home from serving overseas, reunites with her mother, Estine. It is a surprise, hence it being featured on a show called Surprise Homecoming. The emotional outpouring that follows is overwhelming.

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Look, I love a good freak show as much as any American. Turn a hand-held camera on a person who eats yarn, hoards cats and has amassed several tons of kitty litter for $6 as a result of compulsive coupon-clipping, and I am set. That said, it's very, very nice to see a very, very nice reality show about very, very nice people who love each other very, very much. No cynicism necessary.

Watch the preview and try your best to maintain your composure: