Superstore has volleyed the question of whether Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) will ever romantically get together for over a season and a half and we have to admire their commitment to playing the long game.

Over the course of the sitcom's sophomore season though, we've seen Amy and Jonah grow from adversaries to more like best friends (that still can go to war over the right issue though — it's still a comedy, after all). We've also discovered that Amy is married with a daughter, but things might not be as great at home as you'd expect.

Attention shoppers: NBC renews Superstore for Season 3

That begs the question, if Amy is getting more and more distant from her husband, is there a chance for her and Jonah to see what's between them romantically? After a season and a half of saying Superstore didn't want to answer that "will they or won't they" question and ruin the tension the characters' chemistry is built on, Ferrera and Feldman are warming up to the idea.

Of course, there's still another half of a season to see if they'll ever go there — and Ferrera likes playing the more platonic elements of their relationship. However, Superstore has been renewed for a third season, so there's plenty of time to see these potential love birds give it a shot. We know they want to.