Just how much political incorrectness can Michael Scott dispense in double the usual time frame? That question stands poised to be answered when NBC's The Office gifts fans with an hourlong Christmas episode. Per Newsday, the superdupersize holiday outing will be directed by veteran funnyman and filmmaker Harold Ramis.

The onetime Ghostbuster isn't the only big name on tap to get behind the mockumentary's cameras, however. The same Newsday piece reports that Lost creator turned M:i:III and Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams is on board to direct a February-sweeps episode. Ooh, do I foresee flashbacks to when Angela was a crippled, Korean-speaking box-company owner on the run from the law?

UPDATE: I just received independent confirmation from a well-placed source that J.J. Abrams will in fact be directing an episode of The Office. To quell any doubters.