Welcome to Thursday-night TV, Supernatural ! Yes, this week the show moved to the post-Smallville

spot and I'm back to writing about three Thursday shows (remember, I used to cover Reunion, too. Moment of silence, please). Sam's having wacky nightmares and visions about a dark, possibly cursed, family in Michigan. He feels connected to the family's scary son, who's mastered the skill of telekinesis. Meanwhile, Dean tries hard not to freak out about Sams new powers. (Add telekinesis to the list.) Two genuinely scary moments: When the guy got guillotined and that whole vision of Max stabbing his mother in the eye. Best Sam and Dean moments: Father Frehley and Father Simmons, anyone? Also, the very last scene in the entire episode.

I'm going to reserve judgment on the whole Sam-has-telekinesis business, but if it got Sam out in time to save Dean from being shot in the head, I'm momentarily cool with it. Sam realized life with Dad wasn't as bad as he thought. Amen, brotha! Oh, and is Sams hair like Clark Kent and his there-not-there glasses? When Clark was the mild-mannered reporter, he wore glasses and his hair didnt have any gel. When he was Superman, he ditched the glasses and slicked his hair back. Now when Sam is Winchester brother, ghost-hunter extraordinaire, his do is all shaggy and in his face. But when hes faux Father Frehley, his hair is sort of feathered back, out of his face. Just an observation. And I'm still worshiping this little exchange: "You've got one advantage that Max didn't have." "Dad? 'Cause Dad's not here, Dean." "No, me. As long as I'm around, nothing bad's gonna happen to you."