SupernaturalLast week Sam and Dean posed as hot priests. This week they become hot Minnesota state cops in order to track down some decidedly unsupernatural kidnappers. And that's what I liked about this particular episode: The brothers are lookin' for something that can't be explained when, in reality, the crimes are being committed by human monsters who capture men, let them loose, then hunt and kill them. To borrow a quote from an earlier Supernatural

, these psycho-nut hillbillies are "nine kinds of crazy." OK, is there anything better than Dean in full-on big-brother mode? After Sam gets taken, we get plenty of scenes with Dean being all lost and/or protective and/or vulnerable and/or ready to kick some serious ass. Sometimes all of the above at once. As for Sam, first I was upset because in the bar he acted like such a wet blanket. Instead of sticking around for another drink, he just wanted to go to bed so they could get an early start the next day. Whatever, dude. Thankfully, he redeemed himself at the end when he went all sexy commando guy on the hillbillyjoesuebobs who had taken him captive. Jessica Steen

played the deputy with a soft spot for Dean and his situation. I know her best from her stint on the short-lived (but awesome) sci-fi series Earth 2. Other highlights: too many good Dean lines to print. The lady deputy gets her revenge when she offs Deliverance Dad. Sam kids Dean about getting sidelined by a little girl. And Dean tells Sam never to go missing again. So cute. And I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for the next episode. One thing, though: Why do we have to wait two weeks?