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Supernatural Midseason Trailer: Michael Declares 'Even God Can Die'

Also, maybe don't open that door?

Lindsay MacDonald

Supernatural seems to be getting back to its horror roots with its latest midseason premiere trailer!

In an eerie teaser for the back half of Season 14, shared by Shaving People Punting Things, fans can sneak a peek at a brutal fight scene, someone's head getting held underwater, and Michael, who has taken over Dean's (Jensen Ackles) body again, delivering the chilling line, "Even God can die."

The most horrifying aspect of it all though is the incessant pounding from the other side of a locked door. Michael mentioned when he took back control of Dean that when he left, he left a metaphorical door open just a crack so he could slip back in. Could this be a physical manifestation of that same door? If so, does that mean Dean is the one pounding on the other side of it? That's a whole new level of terror, imagining Dean repeatedly (and apparently fruitlessly) trying to knock down a mental door to get control of his body back.

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The trailer also shows several flashes of Mary ( Samantha Smith) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) at Donna's (Briana Buckmaster) cabin, and we even see a glimpse of Nick (Mark Pellegrino), who's been a little off the rails lately. Castiel (Misha Collins) can also be heard asking Michael why he hates this world enough to burn it to the ground, to which Michael responds, "Because I can." Sheesh, no wonder Apocalypse World was such a mess. Can someone get this uber-tool of an angel out of Dean already?

Supernatural returns Thursday, Jan. 17 at 8/7c on The CW.

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