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Dean's Michael Problem Is About to Go From Bad to Much Worse on Supernatural

Boss Andrew Dabb teases 'massive consequences'

Keisha Hatchett

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) might have finally found proper closure with their dad, but the badass brothers still have major work to do on Supernatural.

Michael is still hanging out in Dean's head, and the metaphorical barrier that's keeping him tucked away won't hold for much longer. With very few options and time running out, the Winchesters have one hell of a problem on their hands. And according to Supernatural boss Andrew Dabb, things are about to go from bad to worse -- much sooner than you think. As they chase down a lead that might be able to help with this Michael issue, the brothers will make a startling discovery that changes everything.

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"What they very quickly realize is Michael has not been idle in Dean's head," Dabb told TV Guide. "The Michael thing is gonna happen a lot sooner than people think and have some pretty massive consequences for all of our characters."

We all knew Michael wasn't going out without a fight, but this sounds downright apocalyptic. The brothers will need a miracle -- how about Jack's (Alexander Calvert) grace being restored -- if they intend to stop Michael without taking down Dean along with him.

The fact that Nick (Mark Pellegrino) has become Lucifer's most devoted minion is equally distressing. Instead of using this second shot at life to start fresh, he'll spend his time searching for the Devil, and that quest will lead him down a very dark path.

"You're dealing with someone who has probably the most advanced form of Stockholm Syndrome you'll ever find," Dabb explained. "His life was not great. He had a normal marriage, but he's also a guy that spent most nights out drinking. He felt powerless, and he felt ignored and forgotten. With Lucifer, he felt important and powerful and it became intoxicating to him. I don't think it's something he can let go. When he came back, he had the gift of a second chance at life, which he'll probably squander because at the end of the day, he needs that drug."

Consumed by his obsession with Lucifer, Nick is setting himself up for a pretty bleak future. "He needs Lucifer and he will do anything to get it. The rest of the season is gonna show that he will go through extreme lengths to achieve that," Dabb said.

See how it all goes down when Supernatural continues Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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