Katie Cassidy on <I> Harper's Island</i> Katie Cassidy on Harper's Island

Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham and other cast members of the CBS midseason series Harper's Island held court Wednesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, where they touted their closed-ended, 13-episode Scream-meets-Ten Little Indians hybrid. Afterward, TVGuide.com grabbed a moment with Cassidy to reflect on her run as Supernatural's original Ruby.

"Coming onto the show at first, everybody was kind of freaked out," she recalled. "They didn't know about having girls on the show - they love their Sam and Dean, and I understand that."

As such, Cassidy says she is touched to hear that some fans miss her original take on Ruby. (Genevieve Cortese stepped into the role this season, as Ruby claimed a new host body.) "The fact that they miss me is sweet," she gushed. "It's heartbreaking in a way, because I loved that show. I loved the crew, I loved the boys.... Everyone was so welcoming."

So why did Cassidy and the CW spooker part ways? At the time, series creator Eric Kripke cited "purely budgetary" reasons. Cassidy herself says, "Warner Bros. wasn't exactly sure what they were going to be doing with my character, and I had the option to stay or leave. When Harper's Island came about, I was really into it, so I asked them to let me go. Luckily, they did."

Based on the buzz that's building for Harper's, luckily indeed. The new CBS series premieres Thursday, April 9, at 10 pm/ET, and runs 13 straight weeks.