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Supernatural: Prepare to See a Different Side of Apocalyptic World Bobby

Jim Beaver breaks down what to expect during his big return

Keisha Hatchett

We've seen glimpses of Supernatural's Apocalyptic World thus far, but this week's episode will take you even deeper into the bleak alternate reality in which Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were never born.

Jim Beaver heads back to the series as the beret-wearing version of Bobby hell-bent on hunting both angels and demons. He'll become a new ally for Mary and Jack who have escaped Michael's grasp, but their encounter won't exactly be a smooth one. Despite sparing Castiel's (Misha Collins) life in Season 12, it looks like Apocalyptic World Bobby won't be so keen on his adopted son Jack (Alexander Calvert).

TV Guide hit up Beaver to get the scoop on what to expect when he returns, including that tense first meeting with Jack and whether or not he'll reunite with the Winchesters.

Jim Beaver, Supernatural

Jim Beaver

Liane Hentscher/The CW

What has Apocalyptic World Bobby been up to since we last saw him?
Jim Beaver: Pretty much the same thing, roaming around a bleak countryside taking on angels and demons. This time around, we get to see a lot more of his world and the other people who populate it. There's not much to do in alternate universe land except defend your life or defend the people around you.

That sounds very bleak.
Beaver: There' s not a lot of turducken sandwiches.

Since we're gonna see a lot more of his world, what are you excited for people to learn about this bleak, dark place?
Beaver: I think the most interesting thing is that this Bobby is not just a lone hunter roaming around. He's actually, to a certain extent, the leader of a large group of people. There is a large camp of refugees that he feels responsible for. I don't think we've ever seen any version of Bobby in quite this position.

Are any of those people in the refugee camp someone we've met before?
I suppose it's possible. [However], I don't think anything like that happens in this upcoming episode.

In this episode, Apocalyptic World Bobby will become an ally for Jack and Mary (Samantha Smith). What can you tell me about that first interaction between the three?
Beaver: [Bobby had a relationship] with Mary of his world although she's long gone, and seeing Mary from our world in his world brings back a lot of memories. The episode touches on that a little bit. It's interesting and I think it leads some room for development down the line. And then, of course, this Mary has shown up with Jack -- somebody who's a little too angelic for his tastes. So there's a real conflict that starts the moment he finds out just who Jack is.

With Bobby resting in the afterlife, how do you think he would feel upon learning that Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) has been declared the new King of Heaven?
Beaver: It's always an iffy situation when you get a new landlord. Sometimes you find yourself yearning for the old ones. I wouldn't be surprised if that was Bobby's response. Although, it certainly seems in my mind to set up the possibility of revisiting the original Bobby because I can't imagine he isn't very opinionated on the subject.

We've seen Bobby come back before so what's to say he can't come back sometime down the road?
Beaver: Yeah, I think what they're probably setting up here is Apocalypse World Bobby meeting real-world, heaven-bound Bobby and just phase out those unattractive young men and it's the Bobby and Bobby Show.

What advice would you give Sam and Dean on co-parenting Jack alongside Castiel?
Beaver: Make sure he gets plenty to eat and lots of sleep. And don't let him play with the angel blades.

What are you most excited for people to see this week?
Beaver: We're going to get a glimpse of what Jack is capable of that may be beyond people's expectations and we'll get to see another side of this familiar/unfamiliar version of Bobby. There [are] some elements of his personality that come out that may be nice surprises for the audience. I think it ought to be a pretty unpredictable and exciting episode.

Are we going to see Apocalyptic World Bobby reunite with the Winchesters?
Beaver: I think that would be a very safe bet.

See how it all goes down when Supernatural airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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Samantha Smith, Jim Beaver, Alexander Calvert; Supernatural

Samantha Smith, Jim Beaver, Alexander Calvert; Supernatural

Dean Buscher/The CW