Jensen Ackles by Michael Muller/The CW Jensen Ackles by Michael Muller/The CW
Supernatural fans, get ready to make a pilgrimage: CW cutie

Jensen Ackles returns to his home state to headline a revival of Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men at Fort Worth's Casa Mañana Theatre, June 5-10, says Ackles nicely fills out Tom Cruise's uniform as a naive Navy lawyer, while Lou Diamond Phillips gets to chew the scenery in the Jack Nicholson role. Can you handle that truth? also reports that Debra Jo Rupp will go from That '70s Show matriarch to Mrs. Cleaver as The Butcher of Baraboo, a dark comedy about a butcher with a missing husband, running off-Broadway starting May 24. - Reporting by Raven Snook