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Eric Kripke's Original Pitch for Supernatural Was Wildly Different From the Show We Know and Love

Did you know Sam and Dean weren't supposed to grow up as hunters?!

Lindsay MacDonald

In honor of Supernatural's 300th episode on Thursday, creator Eric Kripke gave loyal fans a look at something most never get to see: his original outline for the show and a peek at the pitches for the first five episodes. It is a blast from the past in the weirdest and best way possible!

The original pitch for the show promised a terrifying series that was a mix between The X-Files and Route 66. The show may have started out resembling that pitch -- remember how scary it used to be? -- but it certainly doesn't look like that now. This little look into the past that Kripke has gifted us also details a few major changes to the show we know and love.

Originally, the family name was Harrison and the family patriarch, known to us as John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), was supposed to be named Jack. His wife had died in a car accident, though he claimed "dark, horrific things" had actually caused the crash. There was a whole thing about him being schizophrenic too! Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) originally didn't grow up hunting monsters with their dad; Dean fell into it a few years before the series was supposed to start and Sam was freaked to hell that monsters and ghosts were real. Trippy, right? Well, the trippiest thing of all is that Kripke specifically outlined that the show wouldn't be "Vancouver rainy." LOL, whatever you say, dude.

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As for other, smaller changes, did you know that the first non-pilot episode of Supernatural was actually supposed to be "Bloody Mary?" Yeah, that horrifying fifth episode of Season 1 that we still can't watch was actually supposed to kick off the whole series. She was originally also supposed to be the murdered ghost of a 19th-century witch, but that apparently was scrapped. The episodes that followed were supposed to be "Hook-Man," "Wendigo," and then "Dead in the Water," all of which seems to mirror the final product pretty well.

There's a treasure trove of fun facts buried within Kripke's original pitch and episode outlines, and if you love Supernatural like we do, you have got to check it out. But before you get lost in the details, we'll leave you with this one last little tidbit, which is the greatest line never spoken out of Dean Winchester's mouth: "Dammit, Sam, I'm not insane. Caspar [sic] the unfriendly f---er is really out there!"

You can read Kripke's original ideas in the tweets below.

Supernatural's 300th episode airs Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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