Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, <EM>Supernatural</EM> Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Three weeks ago, TVGuide.com invited you, the avid fans of the CW's Supernatural (tonight at 9 pm/ET), to submit your latest batch of burning questions to series creator Eric Kripke. The response, as is to be expected from you Winchester lovers, was... immense. We took the best of the batch to Kripke, and here is what he had to share, just in time for Sam and Dean's return to your screens.

Will we ever find out why Mary Winchester seemed to recognize the face of the Yellow-eyed Demon on that fateful night 23 years ago? — Rod
Eric Kripke:
Yes, you'll definitely find out, most likely before the end of this season. Also, the Mary mystery deepens and escalates a bit in Episode 2, so tune in for that.

Will we get more backstory about Bobby this season? I'd love to know how he became friends with John and the boys, and how he knows so much about the supernatural. — Lynn
We'll be spending a lot more time with Bobby this season. He's really growing into a kind of surrogate father to the boys — wise and caring, with none of their actual father's borderline-psycho, cruel obsessions. I think it's refreshing to place a positive figure into the boys' lives for a change. Bobby is in Episodes 1, 3, 4 and 10 so far, and will definitely be in more. In Episode 10 of this season, Bobby will fall into a mysterious and seemingly incurable coma, and Sam and Dean will investigate in order to save their good friend... only to realize that a killer is attacking his victims inside of dreams, and the killer is somewhere in Bobby's head. So Sam and Dean will eventually enter Bobby's dreams, and they'll learn a couple of surprising things about him, including how he was initiated into hunting in the first place.

Is there a possibility of getting another (or several) flashback(s) this season? — raputathebuta
I feel like I'm being much too nice, saying yes to everything, but yes, there will be a flashback of the Lil' Winchesters, in Episode 8 (our Christmas episode). We'll see a typically dysfunctional, screwed-to-hell snapshot of what Christmas was like for young Sam and Dean.

I know the whole psychic-children storyline is supposedly over, but will the significance of the YED giving baby Sam blood be addressed? — zofia27
Yes, it will be addressed. (See above, regarding Mary and her recognition of the YED.) All of these things are tied together.

Is there a reason Dean and Jess were both born on January 24 (albeit, like, 5 years apart)? — Ashlyns
Kripke: There is a reason, but not a creepy, mythology, conspiracy reason. January 24 is my wife's birthday, and it's kinda my valentine to her.

Do you have plans for any more "creature" episodes along the lines of "Wendigo"? I personally thought the creature effects in "Wendigo" were great, especially for a television-size budget. — dean5339
Kripke: Well, thanks, I'm glad you dug the Wendigo. But I have to admit, I wasn't happy at all with how it turned out. There was a lot more footage shot of the creature, where it was front and center... and most of it is on the cutting room floor. He looked like Gollum's awkward, gangly big brother to me. The fact that the episode worked at all is due to the abilities of the editors, who cleverly cut around the creature, and to director David Nutter, who gave us good footage of the creature in the shadows — sorta like with Jaws, where the robot shark sucked out loud, so they cut around it and you never saw it, resulting in a scarier movie, I guess. For this reason, I am now deathly afraid of straight-ahead creature episodes. We now have a mandate that most monsters the boys hunt should be conveniently disguised as humans, so we don't run into this kind of problem again!

Will the boys ever get on the good side of the law, or at least manage to convince Agent Henriksen they're not the bad guys? — silverbella
I don't want to say what happens, but we're working on a fun episode where Henriksen catches the boys, and we climax the storyline with a few twists and turns the audience won't see coming... I hope.

We've seen some great one-episode characters such as Missouri and Lenore. Are there any plans to bring them back? And if not, will you continue to explore the idea of characters who live in this world and know about demons/spirits who are nonhunters? (Excluding Bela, since we already know about her being a mercenary.) — qtarmywife
Kripke: We've always loved the idea that the Supernatural universe is a fleshed-out one with lots of characters and the potential for lots of other stories. So yes (damn it, I'm saying yes again!), we'll continue to flesh out the world. We meet some new hunters in the season premiere (besides Ruby and Bela), and we meet other hunters in Episodes 3 and 4.

Was it harder coming up with new myths and legends for Season 3 than it was for Seasons 1 and 2? — winchesterco101
Not really, thank god. I have a huge list of urban legends, and we've only burned through about half of them, and there's hundreds more out there in books and online. I think we'll be cancelled long before we run out of story ideas. And this season, we have so many mythology triggers to pull that we've found we have too much story too tell, rather than not enough — which is a great problem to have.

Do you plan on directing any more episodes this season? "What Is and What Should Never Be" was one of my favorite episodes! — acsgrlie
Thanks so much. That's very flattering — though now I'm suspicious that my mom submitted this question. Anyway, I am directing another episode this season, because it was way too much fun. I don't know what the story will be yet, but I'll make sure the idea kicks ass. (One of the perks of being the head writer is you can hoard a lot of the good crap for your own episode.)

Is it difficult to keep the tone of the show and the boys' "voices" consistent when you have so many different directors and writers? — coltshot1
Kripke: Well, it's getting easier and easier. In Season 1, when we were all still discovering the show, it was a hell of a struggle to maintain a consistent tone. Some people understood the tone, some people didn't. But now, a few seasons in, we've found a group of writers and directors who really understand the show's style, and we go back to them again and again. The more they write and direct the show, the more they understand it, so it's better now, and getting still better all the time. — Additional reporting by Tina Charles, who blogs about Supernatural for TVGuide.com

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