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The Supernatural Gag Reel Will Make Your Day

Plus: The "epic" plan for Season 11

Hanh Nguyen

The fans packed Comic-Con's biggest room on Sunday morning to see what Supernaturalstars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark A. Sheppard, showrunner Jeremy Carver and writer Andrew Dabb could say about having passed the 10-year milestone. What's next after 10 years of hunting demons, losing friends, dying and resurrecting, almost eating pie and driving the Impala?

Going into Season 11, the show will have to address the issues from the finale. Dean Winchester (Ackles) finally got the Mark of Cain removed, but unfortunately that unleashed the Darkness, an evil that existed before God created the world. Both Dean and his brother (and the Impala) were engulfed in the Darkness' smoky tendrils and weird electricity when we saw them last. Also, Castiel (Collins) had that "attack dog spell" on him and was going after Crowley (Sheppard).

Here's what we learned from the panel:

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What came before The panel started with a retrospective of the first 10 seasons in honor of last year's 200th episode. It's epic, it's rock-'n'-roll and hilarious all at once. It's so fun that it almost makes us like Nickelback. Almost.

The Season 11 plan Carver said, "This year we are going back to a little bit more of an epic feel with a Big Bad with a quest for the brothers to unite on.... [the Darkness] is a pre-Biblical story that has never been told." Padalecki added, "I think we'll beat it because we're not the Lose-chesters." Rimshot. Ackles, perhaps learning how that joke failed, answered more seriously, "What I like about where we're going is the brothers are united... we're back to normal, so to speak, and we have a common target. I'm excited to get back to that original format."

Dean and Castiel Their relationship is "of course" flourishing this year. But why has Castiel never really bro'd up with Sam? Collins explained that "the height difference is too jarring."

Supernatural infographic: The many deaths of Sam and Dean

Fan favorites Carver confirms that a few fan-favorite characters will return, but they're "coming back in a surprise way." From the shouts in the crowd, Charlie (Felicia Day) is the No. 1 person the audience would want to return. Of course she died last season, but this is Supernatural after all . We've seen the dead rise before!

Ackles in charge The actor confirmed that he will once again direct an episode: the season premiere. Ackles said that directing his fellow actors is easy because by now, all the actors know their characters so well, "except for Misha."

Crowley's fate Sheppard disappointed fans by saying that he's truly dead on the show by now, which of course is met by a healthy dose of disbelief. "It's been an amazing journey. I showed up as a guest star kissing a very tall man under a bridge... but even if I knew what happened, I wouldn't damn well tell you because it's so much fun," Sheppard said.

In defense of Charlie's death A fan demanded to know why the show killed off Charlie, at which point the cast sat back, turned their backs and physically demonstrated their lack of support for her death. Carver tried to explain: "People die on the show... beloved on the show... we have to go where the story takes us. If we're doing our job right, people fall in love with the characters." Ackles said that we should be happy about the time we had with her since she was only written as a one-time character initially.

Battling childhood demons When asked if the cast had fought any monsters on the show that actually scared them as children, Padalecki revealed that it was Bloody Mary. Collins revealed a fear of Santa Claus (after a misguided attempt by his parents to authenticate the experience by photographing his uncle in a Santa suit by his bed while he was sleeping), and Sheppard said that he was scared of Doctor Who's Cybermen and is waiting for them to appear on the show.

And then the panel closed with the gag reel. Since these guys are so hilarious in person, you know the reel is awesome. See for yourself.

Supernatural returns on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c on The CW.

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