Castiel (Misha Collins) is a huge part of why we love Supernaturalso when he's missing, we feel it.

That especially rang true in the Season 12 finale which saw Lucifer stab him in the back with an angel blade, thus killing him (again). As Dean (Jensen Ackles) knelt next to his corpse in disbelief, we were left wondering what would happen next. Is Cas really dead? How will Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean be able to move forward? And although it wasn't the first time he'd kicked the bucket, this death felt a bit more finite than the others.

But now that we know for sure that Castiel is still around — albeit in some endless void called The Big Empty — the big question is how do we get him back? As we wait for the Winchesters to figure that out, here are seven reasons why it should happen sooner rather than later.

1) We miss his one-liners.

He might be a powerful being whose actual form is the size of the Chrysler building, but one of Castiel's best qualities is his inherent lack of understanding of human emotions and customs. Whether it's offering a sandwich as a gesture of solidarity or suggesting a game of Twister to avoid a confrontation with a very angry Dean, his naiveté toward humans has delivered more than its fair share of funny lines. Needless to say, we're severely missing our favorite seraphim whose mantra is "I don't understand the reference," and can tell a pretty good joke if you speak Enochian.

2) We're ready to see old Cas again.

Cas' latest death means there's a chance he'll experience a sharp personality change like we've seen many times before. However, according to Collins, bringing him back this time will be a lot less painful. "The idea is that it's a hard reset on Cas," he explained of his character's resurrection. "He remembers right up until the moment that he was killed, but he's infused with a little bit of the old Cas. He's back to full power." There's nothing we want more than to see our beloved angel fully restored, memories and all.

3) Sam and Dean need to be back on the same page.

The new season finds Sam and Dean at odds over how to handle Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) son Jack (Alexander Calvert), and we're not liking this conflict one bit. Dean wants nothing to do with him because the young Nephilim is a walking reminder of everyone he's lost. Sam, on the other hand, is more empathetic because he too knows what it feels like to struggle with being inherently evil while making the conscious effort to be good. With the brothers not seeing eye-to-eye, it's going to take a third party — namely Cas — to get them back on the same page and focused on what they do best: slaying those evil demons.

4) Jack needs his chosen father.

Although Sam is trying his best to offer guidance and support to Jack while he learns how to live in the real world, Dean's resentment complicates the situation and puts Jack in an awkward place. That's why he needs his chosen guardian Cas by his side. After all, the two share a special connection, like when Jack sensed Cas from the womb or when Cas literally felt his conception while hanging out in the Men of Letters Bunker. Plus, Cas has already proven he'll do whatever it takes to keep him safe, and given who Jack's father is, he's going to need all the help he can get.

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5) Castiel (and the Winchesters) have already suffered enough.

After more than a hundred deaths between the three of them, haven't Sam, Dean and Cas been through enough already? And we're not even counting all the loved ones they've lost while fighting the good fight against the unrelenting forces of evil, or the numerous times Cas has experienced a sharp change in personality due to the various resurrections and possessions. They're way overdue for a break from the pain and suffering that comes with demon hunting.

6) The Big Empty is a terrible place and Castiel deserves better.

Other than the fact that's it's not heaven, hell, purgatory or earth, we know very little about this place called The Big Empty. When Cas wakes up after Jack utters his name, we also see an endless void of pure darkness, and that's not the sort of place you want to find yourself in. It was first mentioned back in Season 11 when a reaper named Billie informed Sam that's where he or Dean will end up when they die, and that no one ever gets out once they're there. After how many times he's helped save the world, Cas deserves so much better than this.

7) We want a reunion!

This is probably the most obvious reason but we just can't imagine the Winchesters without their trusted fallen angel. They are the perfect set and missing even one of them feels like One Direction without Zayn Malik. On the bright side, that much-anticipated reunion will happen this season. We just need it to be right now.

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