As the father of soon-to-be-6-year-old twin boys, I more than appreciate the work that Jo Frost does as TV's Supernanny. So it was my pleasure to pick Jo's brain and have her share the single biggest mistake that today's parents tend to make. (That useful nugget comes at the 2:00 mark.)

Jo also talks about last week's episode, in which she assisted a family that was largely deaf, and previews an upcoming job in which the parents go through a divorce while Supernanny is under their roof. "The children are caught in the middle of it all," Frost says of that unfortunate circumstance. "It was a challenging situation."

Jo also details the sorts of advice parents can find at her website (3:15) and in a book she wrote earlier this year.

"I'm really happy that [the Supernanny series] continues to be [successful]," she says. "Having now done four years working closely with American families, it gives me another chance to do more of that."

Watch my video with Jo here.