Joanna Krupa and Terrell Owens, The Superstars Joanna Krupa and Terrell Owens, The Superstars

Terrell Owens got a taste of his own trash-talking medicine on the series premiere of The Superstars when his teammate, supermodel Joanna Krupa, blamed him for their elimination.

"Unbelievable. I don't want a teammate like that. Calls himself an athlete. What does he get a million dollars for?" Krupa scolded after Owens squandered a lead on an obstacle course. "You're the one that f---ed it up. We could've won. So shut up."

Owens caught his foot in a cargo net on the course, allowing Baywatch star David Charvet and his partner, tennis ace Jennifer Capriati, to pass Owens and Krupa. The loss put Owens and Krupa into the sudden-death elimination round of the ABC series, which pairs eight celebrities with eight athletes to compete in sporting events to determine the best athlete in the world.

Owens performed better in the sudden-death match, and it was Krupa who got stuck in the cargo net instead, thus eliminating them from the show.

"Just shut up! ... I am so pissed. I am not standing there. Unbelievable. Calls himself an athlete. I have nothing to say to anybody. I'll be a prima donna like you've been," she snapped at the Buffalo Bills wide receiver afterward.

Owens, for his part, tried to be a good sport (really), telling Krupa "good job" and reaching out for a high-five, which Krupa refused. "I screwed it up in the first race. I got stuck," he said in a post-elimination interview. "It was good fun."

Krupa did not speak during the interview, but unleashed another tirade at T.O. as they walked off the set.

"So cocky — for what? You got in the NFL?" she asked.

"I really feel bad for her boyfriend," Owens said. "I really feel bad for him."

Her response? "Unbelievable."