We've got some truly dean-lightful news!

CBS' comedy Superior Donuts is welcoming Jim Rash to the show in an upcoming episode. Rash is best known for playing Craig Pelton, the dean of Greendale Community College in NBC's cult comedy Community. Rash's appearance will take place on the Dec. 4 episode of Superior Donuts, and we have photos below to prove it.

Rash will be acting in familiar territory, as his Superior Donuts character Colgate Mathers will also be a college dean. Colgate runs Chicago's Dearborn College, Franco's (Jermaine Fowler) dream school that he applies to get into. Tensions will arise when Franco seeks to get into school based solely on his merits, but Arthur (Judd Hirsch) includes Franco's ethnicity on his application because he thinks that will give him a better shot.

The casting also reunites Rash with his Community producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, who now serve as producers on Superior Donuts.

Since Community's cancellation, Rash has done several guest appearances on shows, lent his voice to Mike Tyson's Mysteries, had an arc in Girlboss and hosts the Stranger Things after show Beyond Stranger Things. He's also an Oscar winner for writing The Descendants.

Superior Donuts airs Monday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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Jim Rash, Judd Hirsch, Jermaine Fowler; Superior DonutsJim Rash, Judd Hirsch, Jermaine Fowler; Superior Donuts Jim Rash, Judd Hirsch; Superior DonutsJim Rash, Judd Hirsch; Superior Donuts