Superior Donuts has added a new series regular to its second season. The CBS comedy announced today that they've cast Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin star Diane Guerrero in the role of Sofia

Sofia, a young uptown gentrifier, parks her food truck for healthy, socially conscious breakfast foods in front of Arthur's old-school donut shop. Though Arthur (Judd Hirsch) assumes she's an entitled millennial, she's actually a hard-working, enterprising, self-made woman who has poured every penny into her food truck business, which she plans to turn into an empire.

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"We're huge fans of Diane's work on Orange Is the New Black," said executive producer Bob Daily. "And we're excited to be introducing her as a young entrepreneur who moves into the neighborhood, driving Arthur crazy and catching Franco's eye."

It sounds like she'll be spending a lot of her screen time opposite Hirsch, but let's all keep our fingers crossed for a serious romance between her and France (Jermaine Fowler). Watching those two together sounds like comedic gold!

Superior Donuts premieres Monday, Oct. 30 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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Diane Guerrero, <em>Orange is the New Black</em>Diane Guerrero, Orange is the New Black