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Supergirl: Family Drama Gets Real for Kara and Cat

Someone's secret love child is a big deal

Megan Vick

It turns out that even Supergirl can't avoid family drama around the holidays. On Monday's midseason finale, Kara (Melissa Benoist) went head-to-head against her Aunt Astra (Laura Benanti) again, only to find herself having serious doubts about her mother and the truth about how Krypton was destroyed. Meanwhile, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) got a blast from the past when her company e-mails are hacked, and Kara finds out about her boss' secret son.

First things first: It turns out that before General Astra became Supergirl's worst nightmare, she was a Kryptonian Captain Planet, trying to save her people from destroying their atmosphere by draining their own natural resources. Apparently Krypton's pollution problem needed a lot more than calls to recycle and compost, and Astra was arrested for her extreme methods in trying to get her fellow Kryptonians to see what was going on.

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Everything to know about Supergirl's Martian Manhunter

She and her husband killed a guard to get the information they needed to prove that Krypton was dying. That's a big no-no as far as Supergirl's mother was concerned, and she uses Kara to bait her aunt into coming out of hiding. The handcuffs come out, Astra goes to prison, Krypton explodes and Kara gets a new wave of orphan rage.

It all culminates with a DEO and Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli - with a really big gun!) throwdown against Astra's minions, and Kara facing off with her uncle (Chris Vance) before the credits roll.

5 Reasons Cat Grant is Supergirl's best influence

While Kara's drama actually comes to blows, it's Cat's family affairs that are of the most intriguing. After CatCo's e-mails are hacked, it's discovered that Cat has an older son named Adam whom she gave up in order to focus on building her business.

We don't know who the father is for sure (but we still bet it's Maxwell), but -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT! -- according to DC comics, Cat Grant's son Adam is murdered by the Toyman, aka Winslow Schott - Winn's (Jeremy Jordan) father. Even better yet, Henry Czerny has already been cast for the role. Tragedy could be ahead for Cat Grant, and Winn's daddy issues are only going to get bigger.

The Supergirl family therapist will have to be on call when the show returns in 2016.

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