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Supergirl: Why the Hell Does Kara Wear Glasses?

She actually does need them!

Hanh Nguyen

[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Supergirl's premiere. Read at your own risk!]
The new Supergirlprobably left viewers with a lot of questions, but we were bothered by one in particular: Why the hell does Kara wear glasses?

Think about it: The way Kara's origin story was set up, she never became a superhero until much later in life. And yet, she already wore glasses like her cousin Clark Kent, who only adopted the practice to protect his secret identity as the Man of Steel. But we first met a bespectacled Kara (Melissa Benoist) before she ever decided to become Supergirl and therefore before she needed to create a different look to protect her secret identity. So why the specs?

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Giving Kara glasses was not a mistake. In fact, her adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers (Lois & Clark's Dean Cain) was the one who designed them for her to counteract the power of her X-Ray vision. "We actually had a scene cut from the pilot where they are lined with lead," executive producer Greg Berlanti tells "We shot a scene where she goes to school for the first day where she can hear everyone in the school, she can see through everybody. [Jeremiah] designed these glasses to help suppress her powers and make her fit in more. In a way, they sort of became a symbol of suppression and being normal."

Although Kara has since learned to control her vision, she still wears her glasses. "They've become a security item at some point," executive producer Ali Adler adds. "Taking them off is a real statement for her, physically and emotionally."

Berlanti assures us, "I'm sure we'll get to it in one of the episodes."

Now that Kara has embraced her super-self, expect to see a lot more glasses-tossing scenes like the one below:

Supergirl will air at its new time on Monday at 8/7c on CBS.

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