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Supergirl's Chris Wood on Mon-El's New Powers: "He's a Kid in a Candy Shop"

He's LOVING those super powers

Megan Vick

Mon-El (Chris Wood) is going to really enjoy National City now that he's out of his DEO cell on Supergirl.

After landing on Earth in a Kryptonian pod in the Season 1 finale, Mon-El is officially awake and just found out that his home planet of Daxam was destroyed when Krypton exploded. Now, he has to get used to a completely new planet where he knows no one. The plus side, though, is that Earth's sun gives Mon-El the same powers as Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

TVGuide.com talked to Chris Wood about what's in store for Mon-El, whether he'll join the DEO and if there's any hope for Mon-El and Kara to get over their really rough introduction.

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What can we expect of the fallout from Mon-El finding out that his home planet has been destroyed?

Chris Wood: We start to see a more settled version of Mon-El. We start to see his quirks and his ticks, and what he's really like. You start to see that when he's talking to Kara, but there's still a hint of frustration and animosity because he's stuck in a prison cell. He's dealing with the news that his planet is gone. You see how he takes that. Is he the type of person who wallows in it or does he sort of brush it off and pretend that everything is fine? How does he handle having super powers for the first time in his life? We get to see all of that pretty quickly. We learn a little more of his backstory and how he got here.

​Chris Wood, Supergirl

Chris Wood, Supergirl


Speaking of superpowers, how does he react to having them now?

Wood: There's that great moment when he first breaks out [of the DEO] and you see him sort of look at his hands, like "What is this? How am I doing this?" Obviously on Daxam, like Kara and Clark on Krypton, the red sun keeps them just like every other person on this planet. Here, they're super. That's kind of exciting. You get to see that this guy is a bit more of a frat-boy type of personality. He likes fun, and going out and drinking, and goofing around. He finds his powers really exciting. Much to Kara's chagrin, he just wants to go play. They take these super powers very seriously at the DEO. In [the fourth episode] they want to test out his powers and figure out what they are, what he can do. That's exciting for both of those guys, which is a fun kind of chemistry. Winn is kind of a kid in a candy shop when he's playing with superheroes and Mon-El who has superpowers for the first time in his life. They get to hang out and play.

Does that mean he's not really into the idea of working for the DEO and helping Supergirl out?

Wood: I don't think that even crosses his mind. He obviously looks around and doesn't really know what this place is. Obviously, they tell him what it is and what they do and they tell him he needs to stay there until they figure out how strong he is and all of that. I don't think it's even in his line of thinking, as the type of guy he is. He's more just pumped that he can lift 16 tons, punch through walls and jump over buildings. He's just excited by the prospect of being super. Hopefully, Kara will take him under her wing. As she mentors him a bit as the season progresses, her goal at least is to get him into normal life and also to use his powers in a positive way. That's helpful and that may or may not be on Mon-El's agenda.

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Does that mean we're going to see their relationship improve a bit? They didn't start off on the best foot.

Wood: It's not the nicest way to meet somebody by hurling them through a glass window.

She also wasn't that nice to him!

Wood: No, she wasn't! Thank you for that. I appreciate that. There's some bias on both of their parts because we see that the planets really didn't get along. There's a mutual hostility that they both feel towards each other because they're both from opposing planets. I think Mon-El lets that go a little quicker than Kara does, and we'll see in [the fourth episode] that Kara's prejudice against Daxamites might cloud her ability to judge Mon-El as an equal and as a neutral presence in her life. Even as she's trying to do the right thing and mentor him, any frustration she has with this fun, goofy guy that he is, I feel like they're amplified because of that bias. She just feels like, "Of course you're difficult, you're from Daxam." That's sort of an offensive thing, if you really break it down, that she would not like him because of where he's from. That's something important that they're going to have to work through in order to get along and become friends.

Are those biases completely unfounded or are we going to find out that Mon-El has some dark secrets?

Wood: There's that nice moment when he calls her out for being high and mighty and says, "Your planet attacked us without any provocation." She snaps back at him, "We attacked you? That's not what happened." It happens in our lives now with most wars, that it's what we're told so that's what we know. They were both told on their planets that the other planet is the problem. Everyone from the opposing planet is just a crappy person and not to be trusted. There's a lot of their life that they have to sort of let go of. Kara at least has the super sense to put it aside enough to take him under her wing and try to teach him, and get him all straightened out. So there's a foot in the right direction.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

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